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St George Utah Real Estate

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St George Real Estate - In Recovery!

The St George area holds quite an illustrious charm all its own. In courting buyers, all I have to do is take them on a drive out along Snow Canyon Parkway, out to Tuacahn where the red rocks are the backdrop for the ampitheater plays, and their hooked on the area.

Real estate values rose, ever so slowly in 2013. Interest rates are holding and inventory levels have held- this is a much better climate for sellers.

The recent colder weather and the contrast of what you get here, will help us for our Spring of 2014 influx of real estate shoppers into our area- see January 2014 blog post.

More homes sell without price reductions they once used to have in order to sell. Homes are selling within two to three months time if they are serious. There is also a very significant decline in distressed sales inventory.  All this may represent a steady, if but slow, picture of real estate values recovery.

As a retirement specialist I get phone calls from many retirees speculating now, about 5 years prior to actual retirement. Also, I have lots of first time and regular home buyers showing increased interest since interest rates are still very low. St George home values have gained some ground in price appreciation over the last couple of years. More on our historical real estate trends.

St George Attracts Business

Christopher Conabee, Managing Director of Corporate Recruitment and Business Services for Utah, visited St George in July of 2012 and reported that business recruiting to the entire state has been phenomenal in comparison with the rest of the nation, that commercial developers were active in our state.  He reported that the due diligence required by bigger companies, before settling to the area is significantly reduced by a precedence of former companies that have landed here in the very recent past.  This bodes well for Utah’s future, to include the local area, inciting key companies that had relocated here. 

Let's not forget the new St George Regional airport which many economic advisors have reported as being capable of giving the commercial sector and business a "shot in the arm" for our local area. Utah, in general, is already reported as one of the nation’s leading best places for business and economic growth. 

Relocating to Saint George Utah

Greenbelt of Golf Courses in the St George Area

A certain segment of the St George real estate buyers are now relocating from Northern Utah.  California and Las Vegas used to be about a fourth of our buyer influx, but now they come from all over.

With great neighborhoods in Saint George, Utah, the real estate values are holding their value. The area is know for its unique culture, tourism, friendly people, low taxes, safer neighborhoods, warmer weather, the allure of the high desert rock and the national park-like red landscape, and good family, school, and retirement resources. Many people comment on how the drier climate really does aid their health.

We have over 11 golf courses in the local area helping provide a greenbelt against the red landscape. It is apparent that the city is run well with developing infrastructure, noteworthy being the new St George Municipal airport which allows for larger commuter jets. All of these factors have already put St. George “on the map” for popular destinations for relocation, both on a personal level and for business. You can learn lots more about the area here at our St George Utah page.

If you are thinking about relocating here, we provide a thorough guide for relocating to the area.

Selling Your Home

Hi, this is Brian and if you list your home with me, Brian Habel with Fidelity Real Estate, I put it here on this site and as a result your property gets sold in less time than other homes put onto the MLS.

St George Utah Retirment Communities

St George Utah Retirement Communities - Specializing

St George MLSSt George has many second home owners, active adult and 55+ citizens. Thus, you may want to check out our St George Utah retirement communities.

Remember that when you are buying you pay no real estate commissions on any of the homes or MLS listings across all real estate companies 99% of the time and 100% of the time with me. It is perfectly free when you buy and double duty when you sell, as part of the arrangement of the properties being put onto the MLS. As part of the pattern on all MLS properties, the seller pays for your REALTOR® side of commissions.  Click here to read my value proposition, how I separate myself from the pack.


Feel free to ask me a question. I am usually easy to get a hold of as well. Remember to experience our online MLS property search above. This site has lots of unique content about the area, so feel free to browse around. My name is Brian Habel and I have authored this site mainly because I really believe this is a special place- SoUtah! Secondly, I hope to win your business, whether to buy, sell or invest- I can help! Call me anytime for your real estate needs at (435) 674-3600.

St George Utah Realtor, Brian Habel

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