Homes for Sale in Little Valley

The homes for sale in Little Valley really have a lot going for them.  Most are newer homes built in the 2000's and there are a variety of structures even though most have that typical southwestern stucco look.  

Single Family Real Estate Demographics


SF vs CT
98% Single Family, 2% Condo/Townhouse

MLS Solds since 2003: Single Family=636; Condo/Townhouse=9

Price Range SF
Overall: 250K-500K

Sold MLS Single Family Homes 6/2015-6/2017, 2 Year Breakdown: 200K-250K= 4;  250K-300K=23 300K-350K=26 350K-400K=47 400K-450K=35 450K-500K=32 500K-550K=11

Year Built
Mostly 1995-2005 Year Built Homes

MLS Listed Homes: 1975-1985=3; 1985-1995=14; 1995-2005=283; 2006-2017=436

Predominant 4-5 Bedroom Homes

MLS Solds since 2003: 3 Bedrooms=88; 4 Bedrooms=275; 5 Bedrooms=169; 6 Bedrooms=81; 7 Bedrooms=13

Average Sq Ft
Predominant 1800 to 3800 Square Feet

MLS Solds since 2003: 1400-1800 s.f.=10 ; 1800-2200 s.f.=91; 2200-2600 s.f.=121; 2600-3000 s.f.=102; 3000-3400 s.f.=87; 3400-3800 s.f.=82 3800-4200 s.f.=49

Amount of Solds
213 Solds over two years time or an average of 9 homes per month

Two years worth of Little Valley Sold MLS Single Family Home Listings 6/2015-6/2017

Street Design  
50% 1 Level Only, 50% 2-3 Levels

MLS Solds since 2003: 1-Level=305; 2-3 Level=302

Known For  

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These listings below incorporate Little Valley, but also the area just outside the east boundary of 3000 east [also to include Bridle Gate estates] as that is also where much of the new construction is taking place as well. You can deduce the area we've incorporated by the map of Little Valley boundaries below.

The homes are just off the southern trek out on River Rd south of town.  The roads shoot into the development off of River Road, a couple two or three of them giving easy access into most of its depth with one little stem that develops and unfolds even more back in deeper.  That deeper part tends to have more of the newer homes and development subdivisions.

Little Valley Attraction - Map

Little Valley is appealing because it is not too distant from town, but not too close so as to draw too much main stream traffic.  As you drive through it, the center opens up to this expanse of a softball and soccer fields and new pickle ball courts next to one of Utah's finest Intermediate schools, Sunrise Ridge and Little Valley Elementary school.

Most of these homes are stemming from 250K on up to 400K with a part higher just next to the schools.  This makes it not only a good neighborhood for raising a family, but also nice and more upscale for those that can afford a bit nicer home.  Newer developments hit affordable price points as well- see our New Homes in Little Valley sidebar option.

The school system continues its grades on up with Bloomington Hills Jr High and then Desert Hills high school being the next steps a couple miles from here. It is in the Desert Hills school area (or district).

Evidently a new high school is opening up drawing even more of a buzz for this increasingly growing area.

Little Valley Schools

For more information about the schools feel free to visit the above link.

Little Valley Market Statistics

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