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1031 Exchange

1031 Exchange St George Utah, I can help you with your property replacement issues, helping you meet your 45-Day Identification Period and 180-Day Exchange Period.

Too many people mistakenly pay capital gains tax upon the sale of an investment property, even when having planned on buying a replacement investment property. Not only can I help you identify your replacement property and meet deadlines for purchasing, but I can refer you to a reputable Qualified Intermediary here locally.

Section 1031 of IRC allows taxpayers to defer capital gains taxes resulting from the sale of investment property, when they use a Qualified Intermediary. You may have some flexibility in structuring your exchanges.  Common errors must be avoided that can cause disastrous consequences.

Basic Guidelines for a Successful Exchange:

  • What property qualifies for an exchange?
  • Know Replacement Deadlines.
  • Reinvest Cash Proceeds and Replace Debt.
  • Do Advance Planning.

Hello, my name is Brian. Give me a call and I can help you identify your real estate options and best like-kind property TODAY! We specialize in St George Utah real estate. I am not that Qualified Intermediary person or entity, but I know of some reputable Intermediaries here locally that can help you with your 1031 Exchange St George Utah.