A Side Bars Example Page

Ok, this page is an example of Sidebars. 

We have these sidebars and more sidebars.

Open Side Bars

Open side bars do not have an borders around them and can also be fashioned with bullets.  They can also be put in lists.

You can open them up or stack them.

You can arrange them in a couple columns even.

Closed Side Bars

Closed side bars have lines around them that can be dictated in the code to behave much like tables do. However, the trick here on this site is to make them so that not any extra CSS is used.

Closed ones can be compacted with a more accordion look or they can be mushroomed out to create lots of space in between.

They are able to have a couple columns in them as well.

These tend to be open to many more DIVS if you want to keep things closed up and not confused.