Listing Advertisements

Your listing agent will preferably advertise your property in several ways. Of course, an attractive sign in front of your property will be one of the best marketing tools. Along with the sign, your agent will keep a good supply of brochures or flyers available in a waterproof box for potential buyers to obtain as they drive by your property.

One of the greatest marketing tools is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This is a database of all the properties listed by agents who are members of this service. Virtually all active real estate agents participate in the MLS. With current technology, it is possible for potential buyers to view the MLS on the internet, and to receive current updates as they appear on the Service. This is a great boon to both buyers and sellers.

Often, and office or broker preview (or tour) of your property will be offered at a specified time, so that other agents can become familiar with your property. Your listing agent will schedule this with you in advance, so that you can have your home looking its very best. In addition, your agent will have brochures or flyers available for each of the agents touring your home. Perhaps one of them will know of a potential buyer who has been looking for a home just like yours!

In addition, your listing agent may opt to advertise your home in local real estate magazines, on his or her website, or in the local newspaper. In advance of preparing your brochures and doing any advertising, your real estate professional will come to your home and take pictures of both the interior and the exterior. Again, your agent should give you ample notice, so that you have time to have your home in top form, both inside and out.

Your listing agent may also send out announcements to nearby neighborhoods, indicating that your property is for sale, and listing many of its positive attributes. This may be done in the form of a letter, postcard, or simply a flyer delivered door-to-door. It is amazing how often a buyer for a home is found within the same neighborhood, a family who loves living where they do, but whose housing needs have changed. Word of mouth is a wonderful form of advertising, so don’t hesitate to mention to neighbors and friends that your home is on the market.

Occasionally, your real estate agent may want to have an open house, usually on a week-end. The agent may advertise a specified time for the open house, and will generally place signs in appropriate areas to draw attention to your home during that period of time. An open house usually lasts from two to four hours. While the open house is in process, you will want to be out of the home. In addition, any pets you may have should be taken to a friend’s home or to a kennel. The last thing you want at an open house is a growling dog!

All of these forms of advertisement are helpful in getting word out about your property being on the market. Now it is up to you to keep your home looking light, clean and beautiful.

A quality CMA will be invaluable in helping you and your listing agent determine the best possible price for the sale of your home.