St George Area Cities & Maps

There are 5 geographical regional areas that are used during a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) search. Most people are unfamiliar with what the MLS is or what parties and institutions are involved in transactions.

The following communities, in the map below, are fairly comprehensive of the communities in Washington county.  These communities are listed here by geographical region as it pertains to doing a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) property search- each region is named the same way as it is on the Property Search of the MLS. The boundaries shown in the below map, in different colors, are randomly drawn out around a certain group of cities representative of MLS groupings and are not actual boundary lines. Each MLS region or group of cities has a totaled population for each area.

Washington County MLS Areas Map

You can follow applicable regional links below to go to that specific regions main cities of interest highlighted as links.

Cities and Communities Listed By Region

Click on a regional area within the table below to see a link to a map of that area and applicable links for the more prominent towns/cities in that region.

  • Greater St. George
  • Bloomington
  • Bloomington Hills
  • Bloomington Ranches
  • Coral Canyon
  • Dixie Downs
  • East River Rd.
  • Green Springs
  • Green Valley
  • Ivins
  • Kayenta
  • Little Valley
  • Middleton
  • Red Cliffs
  • Santa Clara
  • Snow Canyon
  • Southgate
  • St. George
  • Sun River
  • Washington
  • Hurricane Valley
  • Apple Valley
  • Hanksville
  • Harrisburg
  • Hurricane
  • Hurricane Fields
  • Hurricane Valley
  • La Verkin
  • Toquerville
  • NW Washington
  • Beryl Junction
  • Brookside
  • Central
  • Dammeron Valley
  • Diamond Valley
  • Gunlock
  • Pine Valley
  • Veyo
  • Winchester Hills
  • Zion Park
  • Kolob
  • Rockville
  • Springdale
  • Virgin
  • Virgin