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Why I think I am the Best Listing Realtor in town.

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Any realtor can put your home on the MLS. The Best Listing Realtor in town by my definition is- the realtor that gets you the most amount of exposure to the most amount of Buyers AND getting them to feed off each other. How am I set apart, from other realtors, in these efforts?

  1. I make myself available by phone. Believe it or not, I believe this to be the number one reason why to list with me. What good is it if you have an agent, but Buyers can't get a hold of your agent to ask questions about the house or in arranging to see it?!? It's natural that there may be times your agent is on the other line and on rare occasion, won't be able to take that call, but that realtor ought to be calling those folks right back. Can I ask, do you think getting a hold of the agent OR getting a prompt call back is the norm? Sadly, it is not. I help a lot of buyers buy AND I know this is one of their greatest irritations. In my experience, it has not been uncommon for a buyer to just dismiss the house with these words, "It just means, they don't want to sell it" and then they throw it in the trash. Can you afford to have this on your home??? I remember when a couple, ended up coming back and buying the very home they said that about, after I as their agent coaxed them back into seeing that one.
  2. I take down the name and number of every St George Realtor that calls on your home and get feedback from them about the showing. This is not the only reason to get their name and phone number; you will see how it comes into play for later. Now, how I get them to "feed" off each other: First, I am candid and generous with other buyers or agents about your homes selling features and the good activity we are having on your home. To put the shine and polish on your house is what I am all about. Don't underestimate the value of this measure of pro activity. Second, when an offer is coming in, I call the previous showings and let them know about it. This is a courtesy call that helps others to push through their "timing" issues to then bring an offer as well, which can help create a bidding war on your home. Why is getting the name and phone crucial besides for getting feedback? Let's say we have a few interested people, but something keeps them from making an offer. Perhaps, your house was one of the first ones they looked at. Now, a week later you are getting an offer coming in (but who knows, it could be someone "low-balling" your house). What will a top realtor be doing? Calling the previous showings and letting them know an offer is coming in, because this helps others in their "timing" issues to then bring an offer as well, creating a bidding war on your home. Does this happen by chance? NO!!! Do most agents neglect this important activity? Yes, all the time! Isn’t top dollar what you want out of your house? Of course. In working with me, I will ensure that this level of pro activity takes place on your home. I also have an assistant to make sure these types of things are being done faithfully.
  3. I take advantage of our top internet rankings to get you the best exposure you can find.
  4. Second, I use a sign rider of a toll free number. This allows us to capture their information, thus talking to them instantly when they are the hottest and keen on the property at that time.
  5. If your property is a home, I do a Virtual Tour of your property that is referred to from the MLS listing sheet that goes into what Buyers shop off of. I also take several pictures that get uploaded onto the MLS.Some realtors will “woo” you with how they will list it on their web site, but if their web site is unseen, meaning no internet traffic then what is the point? When I list you on my Internet site, you will see that it has good Internet traffic. This is another source of exposure that you will be hard-pressed to find.
  6. I have excellent exposure on the internet through most of the major search terms- for most terms you will find me on the first page. This has cost me several thousands of dollars. Most often I feature your home on the front page of my website. A link is placed there, if not under Featured Homes, where they will be able to click on a link for your virtual tour. I know of no other realtor that is giving their Sellers this kind of extra exposure!!! This is not just a virtual tour. Your house is getting exposed to hundreds before they go shopping. [For builders this can be an extra way, a bonus toward extra exposure because most people are looking for new construction alternatives IF they can see them.]

If you want the truth, good comparisons, recommendations and the know-how to get the job done, have me come out to your place. Bottom line is this: I will do what is best for you, the Seller.

The National Association of Realtors did a recent study showing that the median For Sale by Owner Property sold at 13% lower than a realtor-sold home (Oh, now for 2005 it is 16% lower- see a report by clicking the link at the start of this sentence). Look at what this is saying--you can get 10% (after subtracting the 6% the realtor charges) or better, with a realtor, and have it all taken care of for you. On top of that, you have access to the Best Listing Realtor in town.

If you are just starting the process and you’d like to get a rough idea of what your house could sell for, then fill out our… Home Value Comparative Market Analysis or call now. Brian can with relative ease tell you a rough ball park figure over the phone.

So, whether you are just starting out or ready to go-- email or call Brian direct. Call (435) 634-5479 local, (435) 632-0250 by cell or 800-757-5189 toll free or by email... . (You can still fill out the Home Value Comparative Market Analysis as it will serve to give Brian the information he will need.)

Thank you very much, for this privilege and honor to serve YOU as your St George Utah Realtor!

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