Many Homes Sold in 2015! Through Bloomington Hills Names you Might Know- Barney, Patterson & Woodcox

My SG1 real estate team just sold many homes in this second half of 2015, many through people you might know if you live in the Bloomington Hills area, such names as Barney, Patterson or Woodcox.  My SG1 team consists of my assistant Nicole Hirschi, my web developer Hilkiah Makemo and myself, Brian Habel.  We host the #1 real estate trafficked site in the area, dwarfing any other Realtor, team or brokerage traffic in the area.

Friends of Merrill & Melinda Barney

This sale that just went through comes as a referral from Merrill and Melinda Barney.  Merrill ran the Senior Games for the longest time and recently has let someone else take that on.  And many know that Melinda also has a high profile of service that she does in her line of work in helping families.

At any rate, some of their best friends from the Burbank California area, were wanting to make a change for the better in their situation and St George just seemed like a good fit, having wonderful medical facilities as well.  I have so enjoyed getting to know Jim and Marty.  All are excited in their friends new purchase!  The Barneys were influential in helping them find a home on this end of their relocation.  They were sensitive to their needs and kind of knew that once falling in love with a place, that this one home ‘just seems right for them, Brian’.

I made sure to communicate and secure their interests. I needed the other Realtor to go along.  The Churchs’, my buyers, still without seeing it, were wanting to get it off the market before somebody else would possibly buy it.  Thus, we got it under contract for them.  This was a feat, because it had this condition of her coming in much later to see it.  I was able to guarantee that we could take it off the market, while giving my buyers the ability to back out if they did not like it, and get their earnest money back.  The other Realtor was so good to work with and I really helped her to see that my buyer was serious enough with it all, enough to take a chance on us.  I got the other Realtor to persuade her seller to go for the deal.

I think it significant to note that sometimes when there are two decision makers that both like to have a say in what is going on.  It is the Realtors job to see to it that both spouses are feeling listened to and that the compromises that are being made are part of what they want me to do.  Sometimes it takes staying out of the way and sometimes in being proactive to help pursue homes that are meeting both their needs.  As to what Jim was also looking for in a home, was relayed by Marty, we had to make sure Jim’s green thumb needs would be maintained with having a yard to putz around in or a garage, would be important.  With Jim just putting his trust in his good wife to secure this home, we all were so elated to learn that Jim loves the home more than he thought he would, after finally getting here the other night and finally seeing it, after it had been purchased.  To know we also were able to make him happy was icing on the cake!

All is well that ends well- THEY LOVE IT and it is now Closed, they own it as of December 7, 2015! The home is in Bridal Gate Estates.  Another happy, happy ending!!!

Dana Patterson’s sister, Jennifer Stewart

Many know the Pattersons to be this awesome fun loving family in our area!  Well, Dana Patterson has a sister that needed help moving out here to be near her for the family support.  Being a close knit family our options were limited to the Dixie Escalante power areas, mainly Bloomington Hills if we could.  Our first opportunities were hot ones, getting the jump on one house before others, by calling and arranging an early showing.  But then examining all the options we were constrained to wait for a better opportunity.  We even reserved a lot through Salsbury new home construction out in one of their new budding subdivisions, but Jennifer was not completely satisfied with how fast those homes get thrown up some times.

At any rate this home above, on Tamarisk, became available and we had to act fast.  Like many times, we were Johnny on the Spot to help Jennifer secure her interests and she and the family could not be happier!  Anyone that knows where Pat and Dana live, will know that Tamarisk is so close-by, that the family is literally able to see and support each other so much the easier.  I hear Jennifer, being a decorator, has that home looking wonderful!  Pat has been over helping modify one room into an extra bedroom and pantry.  Pat really has a lot of skills and gives a lot.  I am so excited for them and still need to get over and see the new changes I hear that went down- really nice I hear!  Jennifer closed on her home on July 29, 2015.

Jerry and Kristi Woodcox


Jerry and Kristi Woodcox used to live in the Bloomington Hills south area just on Hemlock. You might remember them from the picture of their house they were renting- see picture on left.

Well, I just helped then get into their new home as a buyer (see picture on right), they closed on it September 3, 2015- see photo below of that homes inside living conditions.


Nice eh?  The home appraised I think it was at least 10K if not 15K higher than what we bought it for.  Needless to say they are elated and showed their appreciation by providing me a referral that eventuated in a sale.  They might not know it yet, but for Christmas there will be a gift certificate for eating out at their favorite restaurant!

You can find Woodcox’s testimonial on Google here.



Frank & Penny Giammona

Frank & Penny came as a referral from Jerry and Kristi Woodcox- THANK YOU!!  As many of you know or should know, this is HOW MY BUSINESS WORKS- BY REFERRAL.

We just got Frank and Penny Giammona’s home under contract in December at that, and even more crazy- for top dollar!  Many do no realize that sometimes it can be a better time to sell because of the less competition of homes on the market.

In the beginning of the process Penny and Frank needed time to just get on the same page about all the myriad of details involving even thinking about a move.  How much could we get for our home?  What pricing strategy could we use and what can we hope for in a bottom line- what kind of equity will we take away with us?  We were sensitive to them and their situation, because, after all, there is a lot to consider- leaving old friends, creating new ones, figuring out jobs and the best timing etc.  As a listing agent, my role was to provide them options and then be sensitive to their own timing or even if they decided to just stay put- I really just wanted what was best for them.  I kept in touch with them and appreciated they needed time to figure it all out, when and where and if they’d be moving.  I think both Frank and Penny appreciated my advisory role of providing options to them at a time that was sensitive to the both of them coming to the big decision to list the home for sale.  After my listing presentation they KNEW they had the right agent, it was just a matter of time.

It was so funny, because I asked Frank and Penny from above at the height of excitement of selling their home in December for top dollar, if they knew of anyone else I could help.  Penny all serious said, ya, our mailman.  I thought, hey, this-asking-for-referrals-at-the-height-of-excitement really works!  But it set in that she was pulling my leg big time, because their mail man was the guy that referred me to them!  Ha, ha… whom I had already helped buy a home!  Oh, well, I’m sure she is still trying to think of that referral for me.  Actually, they have someone in mind, just maybe not for another 6 months.  Frank and Penny’s home is set to close on December 28, 2015.

You can find the Giammona’s testimonial on Google here.

Other listings I’ve recently sold:



Carl & Marty Adle are the funnest ever, they relocated from Norfolk Nebraska.  They absolutely love it and their neighbors in Sun River now, whom I’ve also become friends with.  They like to swim and exercise- both newly retired and from what I can tell they were the life of the party for their kids and their friends.  We closed on their home August 28, 2015.


Dennis Schmolke is a gentleman I helped move into a Hurricane home a few years back.  He and his good wife were St George temple workers.  Dennis’s wife died suddenly shortly after moving in.  He has since re-married and as part of that he moved out to Arizona closer to her family and kids.  Denny was such a joy to work with and he trusted me and my instincts implicitly which turned out well for him.  We DID gain that extra exposure off my website and sold his home in a month and half when the average selling time there was 5 months!  He closed just in time for his wedding- a happy man and off to tell nobody but a cactus in Arizona.  We closed on November 24, 2015.


Mike and Stacey Hansen and family had these two very cute high school teenagers with them.  They moved down from the SLC area with Mike’s work being in the field of Emergency Room Cardiology.  They needed a place near the hospital.  We looked at a few places when they came down early on with no luck.  They attended to the email updates I was sending them and this one popped Back On the market after falling out.  I immediately went over and took a couple videos for them and they put offer on it pending their coming down the next day or so to look at it.  There offer was accepted and had two or three back up offers pile up on top of ours.  They were so happy with me being Johnny on the Spot for them and in coordinating with an agent I knew who would also have liked to see us get the deal.  It was also joint work on us agents to see that this match was made to happen with this mans profession being to SAVE US when our heart starts to go!  He needed to be close!  I was so happy to be a part of this!  They are such a neat family and St George is better off for having them!  They live right along the Virgin River just off Riverside Drive and River Road.  We closed July 16, 2015.

There are a few more for the second half of this year, plus one to go under contract in Sun River this December.


It is all because of these success stories that I just LOVE being a Realtor and have many many happy buyers and sellers, coming up on my 12th year of doing this full time.  Please, all those that have not known of what I do, I am casting my bread out on the water a little more in letting you know so that you can also feel more comfortable referring yourself or family and friends and neighbors.  Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read this!  Our website is ranked #1 in town- and has the most amount of traffic than any other agent or brokerage in town- not a bad place to shop as a buyer or expose your home if you are a seller!

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