St George Real Estate – Relocation Mecca Has the Goods

Of all the commodities still left to tell what ranks important on peoples radar screen for relocation, still, St George mecca will keep coming back to show that it “Has the Goods”.  And what “pray tell” helps to decide that St George is a good place to relocate?  Well, its best commodity is its people!  Second, are the variables leading to what has attracted such good people.

While much of commerce is telling and deciding what and how many people flock to certain areas in the nation, the goods and services marking St George Utah on the map, while varied, are still simple and sweet.

First we are located very conveniently as a stopping place between the north and the south, located in the west.  While Las Vegas has traditionally been a hub for much of commerce distribution throughout the west, St George is this little dot on the map, 2 hours north of there, which represents the last known region of warmer and milder climate before heading north into an entirely different set of colder weather variables.

So, yes as a stopping place, the fact of Zion National Park like scenery, only located 45 minutes from us, does hold some charm.  And yes, the red rock and red dirt and corresponding sunsets and sunrises do make us glow a bit- as vistas of red mountain desert burst upon the senses.

But most of all, this old pioneer town, seems to tell people when they meet the rest of St George -its people- that very few places tend to meet and greet them quite like we do!  Yes, many have remarked that the most notable feature marking St George on the map is its friendly people.

The retreat factor is also helping infuse into St George more of a population base of second home owners and retirees

St George’s history involves a local concentration of a predominant culture of people belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, called the Latter Day Saints or LDS (nicknamed the Mormons).  They currently make up approximately 50% of its population.  The area has been inundated with seasonally affected individuals mainly from the north, Salt Lake City and into Idaho.  These people, largely holding onto traditional values, have all come down to St George, it having been a traditional harbinger of colonizing, to get out of the cold, to retire, to also vacation/recreate and second-home to.

This element of locals, not just the LDS of course, congregating around the milder weather, lots of golf courses, traditional values keeping taxes and overspending in check, desert meets mountain and rock and its subsequent unique scenery, have all set the stage for a community that other non-local people find as a refreshing breath of fresh air, foreign to the more smog filled air of urban troubled cities.  As a result, St George has become increasingly diverse in its population.

Greater St George is comprised of St GeorgeWashingtonIvins and Santa Clara.  Each holds to their unique piece of the scenery.  St George is nestled down in at the base of the hills and sits at the foot of the Pine Valley mountain- the mountain sitting due north.  Washington is set out mainly to the northeast and then east into some flatter area, called “The Fields” or “Washington Fields”, thus appreciating “look-up-to-see” views of Pine Valley Mountain.  Lot sizes tend to be a little bigger out in “The Fields”.  Ivins and Santa Clara flares off to the west running along some of the most prestigious lava and red cliff rock formations of the area, with Snow Canyon parkway running out along that into Snow Canyon State Park.

A little enclave of cliff area nestled just to the west of Snow Canyon State park entrance is the Tuacahn Amphitheatre, an open air amphitheater where the red rock cliffs in the background are the setting.  Thus, St George enjoys a unique appreciation for the Culture & the Arts.  Many noteworthy plays have been conducted out there, to include Disney giving them permission to do shows like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid.  For one show, the Big River (Huck Finn), a man made river of water in the backdrop was diverted out over the stage to form the river area for the Huck Finn man-made raft to pole through.

The real estate all has an illustrious appeal with all this scenery going on.  Granted, it is a desert meets rock and mountain type.  Feel free to search the various communities and St George Homes for sale here.

We think its predictable, here at St George Real Estate, that St George will become increasingly diverse and come to represent a sort of movement of people trying to get back to basics- nature and the simple life.

Good values, friendly people, quaint small town feel with tourism’s scenery, and sprawling infrastructure, to include a new regional airport and beltway loop built out ahead of its time- all bode well for an upcoming future of population growth and expansion to include people looking to relocate.

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