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Bloomington is older, more rustic, established, being built out around a golf course country club, secluded with the Virgin River helping to form its eastern border, quaint and having a mid to upper echelon of price point and almost ritzy back in its day.

Single Family Real Estate Demographics (Master List)


SF vs CT
77.5% Single Family, 22.5% Condo/Townhouse

MLS Solds since 2003: Single Family=820; Condo/Townhouse=240

Price Range SF
Overall: 250K-350K

Sold MLS Listings 6/2015-6/2017, 2 Year Breakdown: 175K-200K=6; 200K-250K= 27;  250K-300K=38 300K-350K= 131 350K-400K= 14

Year Built
Mostly 1975-2005 Year Built Homes

MLS Listed Homes: 1975-1985=253; 1985-1995=320; 1995-2005=189; 2006-2017=39

Predominant 3-5 Bedroom Homes

MLS Solds since 2003: 2 Bedrooms=42; 3 Bedrooms=356; 4 Bedrooms=286; 5 Bedrooms=117; 6 Bedrooms=45; 7 Bedrooms=10

Average Sq Ft
Predominant 1100 to 2200 Square Feet

MLS Solds since 2003: 1000-1100 s.f.=4; 1100-1200 s.f.=10; 1200-1400 s.f.=35  ; 1400-1600 s.f.=55 ; 1600-2000 s.f.=263 ; 2000-2200 s.f.=156; 2200-2400 s.f.=104 ; 2400-2800 s.f.=137 ; 2800-3200 s.f.=34

Amount of Solds
216 Solds over two years time or an average of
9 homes per month

Two years worth of Bloomington Sold MLS Single Family Home Listings 6/2015-6/2017

-Street Design-  
68% 1 Level Only, 32% 2-3 Levels

MLS Solds since 2003: 1-Level=541; 2-3 Level=251

Known For Upper-Mid Echelon, Rustic, Golf Course at Center, Older, Established Landscaping, Quaint, River Boundary


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 The listings in this area are composed of 3/4 homes and 1/4 condo/townhomes. The homes range in price anywhere from 250K on up to 350K, are 1100-2200 square feet, are built from 1975-2005, and about 9 homes per month are sold.

Area Attractions

Bloomington Country Club Areas

Mature landscaping, wider ranch style homes, some circle driveways, tucked away streets up against the golf course, some condo/townhouse developments, indigenous rock landscape with red rock cliffs and more lawn areas all are part of this grand and illustrious area we call Bloomington.

Bloomington Drive goes in a complete circle encapsulating both the golf course and the most part of the development. Other main roads include Mulberry Dr, Baneberry Dr, Paiute Rd, Navajo Dr, Tonaquint Dr and Man O War Road.  These last two carry your into different areas. The last one carries you over the Virgin River on the Man O War bridge. Notably, just on the other side of the bridge on "the Ranches" side, is the Bloomington Park.

It has many softball fields, children's play sets, covered pavilions, picnic tables, restrooms, Frisbee golf and a basketball court. The softball fields get well used during the Senior Games and other events.

There are two other parks in Bloomington; Petroglyph Park and Christensen Park eh.

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