Crimson Cliffs Homes for Sale

Crimson Cliffs Homes for Sale

The Crimson Cliffs homes for sale search area for the boundaries of Crimson Cliffs schools are found in the green area down below, as well as ALL the listings for this area- below all the content. Or you can search all Crimson Cliffs high/junior high school area listings by the two links below and rank them, switch between List View or by the Map.

Real Estate Search Area for Crimson Cliffs School Boundaries

Many people might be intent on a home search based on the boundaries of the middle and high school- thus helping their kids attend brand new schools. The parents interest might also be, to be able to access all the new construction opportunities that abound in these areas. While Crimson Cliffs is an actual subdivision it has become an area identified by the new schools as well. 

It is a new area in 2018-2019 based upon not just the new high and middle school, but by virtue of the idea that most of the new construction having been in the Little Valley area (SW St George), has burst it seams. Washington Fields also has preceded much of this new development.

The school district also understands that soon after these schools are opened families flood into the boundaries in a hope of being able to go to the Crimson Cliffs schools, which in turn raises the real estate value of the land and homes in this area. 

This region [shown in the green of the map above] has about half the homes (80) for sale, priced under 440K. The other half, the second higher group, fast climb the ladder on up to 700K when hitting 3/4 of the homes. Of the last 16 homes they scale from 1 million to 2.5 million. Many of these latter homes are found in Stone Cliffs luxury home development.

Another great opportunity with Washington Fields is their plethora of land lots. The past few years have showed a large increase in the number of homeowners looking to build their dream home and it’s really starting to show in Washington Fields.

So, Crimson Cliffs school boundaries, and their homes for sale, are inclusive of the home search areas bordering: Washington Fields, Stucki Farms, Desert Cove & the Southern Parkway areas. Also, this area includes virtually everything East of these areas. 

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