Homes for Sale in Crimson Cliffs

Homes for Sale in Crimson Cliffs

This is all the homes for sale in Crimson Cliffs school boundaries area because a large portion of new home developments  will envelope this area.  Crimson Cliffs is not an actual subdivision, but rather it has become an area identified by the actual new high and junior high schools by this name. 

It is a new area in 2018-2019 based upon not just the new high and junior high school, but by virtue of the idea that most of the new construction having been in the Little Valley area (SW St George), has burst it seems into this newer area in the "Fields of St George" (not a name, but the area just south of Washington Fields, an actual area). Perhaps because a lot of new building was already taking place out in these areas, that when the new high and middle schools were built by this name, its boundaries inclusive of all these areas, can form a new search for homes... thus calling it "Crimson Cliffs".

So, Crimson Cliffs school boundaries is inclusive of the areas: Washington Fields, Stucki Farms, Canyon Cove & Washington Dam Rd. A triangle portion of Washington Fields is cut off from these boundaries just north of Merrill Rd, and west of Washington Fields Rd and skirting the Virgin River- some of the white space etched out of the green in the map below.

Crimson Cliffs School Boundaries - Real Estate Area

Also, this area includes virtually everything West of these areas. A unique small section along the Southern Parkway or southern beltway extends west to I-15. So it includes a portion along the Southern parkway and let's say about 5-10 blocks either north and south of it.

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