First Things First - PreQualify

Recommended Courses of Action

1)  Call our Best Lender.

Some of the most impactful, time saver advise I may ever give as a St George Realtor is: Get Pre-Qualified in a few minutes over the phone with our to establish once and for all your Comfortable Price Range

Getting Pre-Qualied with a Morgage Lender helps you establish your comfortable price range and find out your limitations. 

To be quite frank, if you get going on the Home Buying Scouting Report, this happens automatically... get going now on my real estate shopping STEALTH mode- fill out the form.

If you haven't done so, take 15 minutes and call 435-467-1090 now and talk to Steve with SGI Mortgage. (Why is it that most people end up using this guy over all the competition?... I've taken the time fo FIND the best, so you don't have to!!!) One, why waste your hours of time looking on the internet, much less out on the ground? Ok, you might have a relative good idea what you can afford already. Still, it may save you some grief. He has 15 years in the business and he is fair.  You can get a first good faith quote if not a better second opinion. St George Utah Home Finder - Click here to go there.

2)  Sign up on our Email Updates.

 Better yet... Brian- yes 'I want to quit messing around' and sign up on the Home Buying Scouting Report, which will stream-line and help me put first things first anyway.