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Going It Alone


Basically, you don't want to have a St George realtor hounding you for locked in business. Understood!

True story from a buyer:

"However, can I tell you the amount of time I waisted looking at homes that I did not pre-qualify for? In other words I did not know the maximum amount for my price range. I only found out about it after I thought I had found the perfect house, after days of wasted house hunting on the internet and in the field."

This web site & our services give you access to:

 The Best Lender in Town- lower interest rate with no junk fees or anything shady- get good sage council and advise.

 ALL THE LISTINGS- it is THE RESULTS FROM THE MLS ITSELF. Never will you find a single MLS listing from any real estate company that is not already on here and that includes from any magazines or newspapers period.

 Friendlier MLS Shopping- all the benefits.

 Access to all the listings information.

 There is no charge to you, the buyer, for having 'agent representation' when purchasing any realtor sold home. Buyer Representation- is free.

 Expert advise about the market & insights that will help you make good decisions.

 I am available, return calls, keep commitments and am responsible.

There really doesn't seems to be any reason to have to Go It Alone. Hey, I'm about as friendly as they come. Certainly, the sooner you call, the faster I can help you get to where you want to be- get properly advised, treated, served and guided. When you are ready, and no matter where you are at in the buying process, we are ready to help!