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Hidden Valley is a nicely tucked away haven, most of which is built by Ivory homes. They have been building homes for a long time, mostly up north, and are very nice homes. They have a good reputation and they also built the Hidden Valley Townhomes (more apartment like), that if you'll notice are the predominant units built in this area. But it is the homes that hold I think the larger footprint in the land developed. 

Single Family Real Estate Demographics
SF vs CT
27% Single Family, *73% Condo/Townhouse

MLS Solds since 2003: Single Family=109; Condo/Townhouse=298 (*this is skewed by the very large Hidden Valley Townhome project sitting just north of Hidden Valley area along Brigham Rd.)

Price Range SF
Overall: 200K-400K

Sold MLS Single Family Homes: 150K-200K=0; 200K-250K=7; 250K-300K=10;  300K-350K=11; 350K-400K=6

Year Built
Mostly 1995-2015 Year Built Homes

MLS Listed Homes: 1995-2005=4; 2006-2017=107

Predominant 3-4 Bedroom Homes

MLS Solds since 2003: 3 Bedrooms=51; 4 Bedrooms=43; 5 Bedrooms=10; 6 Bedrooms=4; 7 Bedrooms=1

Average Sq Ft
Predominant 1400 to 2200 Square Feet

MLS Solds since 2003: 1000-1400 s.f.=5; 1400-1800 s.f.=38; 1800-2200 s.f.=30; 2200-2600 s.f.=8

Amount of Solds
33 Solds over two years time or an average of 1.5 homes per month

Two years worth of Hidden Valley Sold MLS Single Family Home Listings 6/2015-6/2017

Street Design  
76.5% 1 Level Only, 23.5% 2-3 Levels

MLS Solds since 2003: 1-Level=77; 2-3 Level=32

Known For  

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The homes are built back in off of Brigham Rd as you travel south and on the back side of Desert Hills, which also sits up against virgin land behind it to the south. Ivory also holds some buy in with trust lands along Brigham round heading south to our next exit down by Sun River, so they may likely be developing out this area further into the future.

Hidden Valley SubdivisionHidden Valley is known largely also for the Hidden Valley park. This park has a grassy area, a child's theme play park with full on jungle gym and even a splash pad. It also has a basketball court, tennis courts and gazebos for group get togethers and barbecues. Some to most of the homes do share a pool with the townhomes called Casitas at Hidden Valley. Another key advantage in this area are the nearby Bloomington Hills and Desert Hills schools that are some of the areas finest.

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