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You need a St George Realtor to guide and represent your interests on homes, to protect you against exploitative situations involving one of the biggest purchases of your life.
I am your Real Estate Guide- your St George Realtor of choice. Instead of laying out resources on this page, I'd like to discuss things that I have emphasized in my real estate profession. Thereby I think you can come to know what to expect in utilizing my expertise.
  • I came from blue collar work, so I genuinely felt guilty after my first real estate commission pay check. I cleared this up through visualizing the value that I could come to provide, along and with each transaction. I state some of it in present tense, and some of it in past tense, which relates it to now too of course.
  • I have been and am service oriented and client centered. That means the buyer must feel comfortable or be helped to feel comfortable. The buyer calls their own shots, taking a lead or directing the interface for resources, time and utilized expertise from myself, the Realtor.
  • I provide my buyers with expertise, options and... opportunities to move forward in personal action and accomplishment toward their buying needs. I flow with my clients to appreciate how and where they like to be influenced toward buying a home or condo. This takes place usually with some pre-consultation and logistics or organizing, but mostly while on the ground in looking at homes.
  • I have a good grasp on the principles entailed with property acquisition, rights, movement and exercise of will involved in transactions- see Man, Land, Community
  • I subscribe to a philosophy of sales that often defaults to value and honesty first, luster/shine second. I have attended many sales events and classes out of my own time and expense. I can speak specifically as to sales coaches that my approach lines up mostly with. Firstly, there is Ari Galper. Secondly, I take some alignment with say a Mike Ferry or Matthew Ferry or Mike Sterdevent type of orientation. They are in one way, two opposing camps, but mostly have strengths that can all be utilized. The former draws on solving a problem of the person and is more trust or client centered. The second approach utilizes control of dialogue in a more structured and leading sales approach- the art of using language to influence. I have come to view that while the former can appear to lack "sales initiative", it is only perceptual "sales initiative" as to choices and direction, which in truth in many cases can originate from the client... that people are becoming smarter about "sales techniques" that are tricks. I naturally gravitate toward the former approach, but do not discard the value of utilizing confidence building, confidence instilling and persuasive language skills or let's call it in 'Ari Galper combined with me' style "disclosed salesmanship"- to then put the luster on something and in assuming some things in the direction of influencing others. Some would say it is the same thing, to manipulate others still, just the long way around, into buying/influencing toward a product you have. But if that product is assumed to be possibly good for them, then it will not hurt to pursue it from their problem or situation. So it is not the same. Rather it entails salesmanship by way of the product selling itself in time. So, rather than BE less "sales initiative" it can actually be and line up with how people prefer it to be from a trust standpoint rather than a perspective of sales standpoint. For me, another way to say this is, I take the "Columbo" approach to sales. Have you watched that detective show? Columbo appears to be stupid, but he is actually very brilliant, he is doing his research. Oh. On the buyer side of things, this is the best kind of agent you can have as this general mode lends itself to better information gathering from other agents, and you are never a real threat. In the art of negotiations, they say information [about the other side] is power. Value is derived in the product selling itself and that polish or salesmanship is applied at the right time and in the right measure and in the right way.
  • Here is a simple, everyday example: We are putting an offer on a home. We have utilized looking at listings to compare features and benefits of homes and as to price. When I couple that with genuine research as to value, in assessing recent solds like an appraiser does, and then we put an offer on a home, we can then feel confident in applying the particular solds that could argue for a more believable lower price we may be persuading the seller to take. This often takes place between agents relaying information about the offer and in emails. The whole process often can involve the interpersonal skills of your agent to not have defenses up, be able to help the other agent feel comfortable and at ease in that process. I often include the other agent earlier on with questions about the home and motivation level of his/her seller and how he/she came up with their price. Once acknowledgement is given that agent, then our influence process can be better taken and colluded with. We then help them to move forward, knowing full well they are doing the best thing and in being able to move on to where they are wanting to go. The sales process is merely taken together both in the homework and in the process of utilizing the art of influence in some of the words I can employ. For example, have I employed the right amount of "luster" or "shine" words if you help me recognize that I've been using them in the process of sharing HERE? To go back you can see the sales words or "luster words" in italics in this paragraph 4. Naturally, you can see and feel comfortable that there is an inherent pattern of employ, that they are applied proportionately like the wax on a car for the shine, afterwards, and in the right measure, the believable measure. Your agent having a foundation of integrity actually heightens his ability to help you get what you want. This is what lets you know that you yourself can then feel comfortable in employing me as your agent.
  • Becoming proficient in a specialty niche. My personality and "bed side manner" I felt already akin to the retiree population.
  • Utilizing the vision I had of St George being a special place by wanting to provide prominent resource information about the area through developing and getting this website to rank.
  • Disciplining myself to really want to learn my profession by attending all in house brokerage training's, continuing educations and being attentive during instructional time and material, often asking difficult or insightful questions that I could observe would even stump experienced agents.
  • Becoming knowledgeable regarding the Real Estate Purchase Contract and how to best represent my buyer. Basically, if it is not in writing it does not exist.
  • I have been able to utilize my background and education in counseling and mostly in conjunction with common sense experience. I've worked with varied people and been able to adapt to individual personality styles. A philosophy I take with buyers: I try to guard their experience. I do this by letting them direct what they want and need. I advise and do intercede where applicable to point out some things that I would want to know if I was the buyer. Next, if there is more than one decision maker, I try to make myself aloof enough so as to not interfere with those decision makers having casual or informal time to discuss or be with each other in the homes. However, I respect differences, such that Realtor involvement is sometimes expected as part of things and do then make myself available for expertise, counseling and advice.
  • Developed professionalism through informed disclosures. Recognized limitations with areas of expertise, being careful to refer business at times to the appropriate professional in his/her chosen field. Also, I have been careful to make a point for expressing views when I know my buyers want me to comment on something which has been easy for me to do, while acknowledging my limitations in a given field of expertise.
  • I have some contracting background which has been helpful with regards to purchasing new and newer homes.
  • I have a father who practiced real estate in the St George area with an excellent reputation for 8 years preceding me and have relied on his expertise and experience at times.
  • I have valued working up at RE/MAX First Realty for my first 6 years. Running with some of the highest producing agents for 6 years who lead the st on a consistent basis in number of transactions has only helped me through interactions with them and in going to many of the same coaching and training exercises.
  • Others would comment that I'm genuine, personable, warm and friendly.