Repairs and Improvements

As you go through your home in preparation for selling, take note of small details. Extensive remodeling is probably not necessary, but cleaning or repairing the little things that buyers notice can make all the difference. 

How do the plumbing fixtures and drains look? Do they have a clean, shiny appearance? If the fixtures are old, and cannot be nicely cleaned, replacing them is in order. Are the handles easier to turn? Are there any drips or leaks? Potential buyers will notice these details, so it is important that your plumbing fixtures are attractive and in good working order. 

How about the kitchen and bathroom sinks, basins, tubs and showers? These should be clean, shiny and free of any stains or hard water marks. If you have a difficult time removing stains, you may want to obtain the services of a professional cleaning service to give your home that super clean, polished appearance. 

How do the light switches and outlets look? Are there any chips or broken corners? Are they free of fingerprints and smudges? If these can’t be well-cleaned, they are fairly easy to replace. Look at each light fixture. Are they clean and shiny? Replace any chipped or cracked light fixtures, and any burned-out bulbs. A well-lit home is a definite asset when showing to potential buyers. 

Walk throughout the house, looking at all of the walls and ceilings. Are there any water stains? Are there areas that need painting? Do you have areas with busily-patterned wallpaper? Removing the wallpaper and adding a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference. Choose soft, neutral colors when repainting your home. 

If your carpet is obviously worn, or has stains that can’t be removed, you may need to replace it. If so, choose a fairly inexpensive carpet in a neutral color. If the carpets don’t need to be replaced, have them professionally cleaned, so they look their very best. Wood and vinyl floors should be clean and polished. Beautifully-maintained wood floors can be a wonderful asset when selling a home. 

Check all windows to be sure they open and close easily. Be certain all the screens are on securely, and look neat and clean. Windows should be immaculate, as should all window coverings and window sills. 

Go through the house and open and close each door. Do the doors squeak? If so, a can of WD40 can work wonders. Do the doorknobs work properly? Are the doors level, and do they open and close properly? Take the necessary steps to make each door work as smoothly as possible. 

The odor of a home can be a positive attraction, or a definite turn-off to potential buyers. While you are showing your home, avoid strong cooking odors and candles with overpowering scents. If you have pets, keep litter boxes emptied daily, and use carpet freshener as needed to keep your home smelling clean and fresh. Avoid smoking in the home, and have any smoke-filled upholstery or draperies cleaned. 

With some effort, your home can take on the appearance of a beautiful model home, uncluttered, and attractively but simply decorated. Take the time to prepare your home for sale, and you will be pleased with the results.