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New Homes for Sale in Snow Canyon

 Snow Canyon is not an easily identifiable area. The main connotation stems from the historical grandeur of Snow Canyon State Park, so the area's leading into the canyon or rather that rest at its bottom, the mouth of that area, which entail some ritzier areas or home developments. This includes areas in an ancillary canyon housing Tuacahn Amphitheater for the performing arts. The secondary connotation refers to Snow Canyon State Parkway that runs from St George on out to that area and so along the red cliffs to the north.  As such the homes all along those cliffs are also considered part of Snow Canyon.  Really Snow Canyon refers to an area that is the beautiful parts of the area to include the Red Cliffs and Big Red Mountain and Snow Canyon that stems between the two- the housing areas that lay at the base of Snow Canyon, and its neighboring cliffs and Big Red Mountain in Ivins. See more info about this area by going to our Snow Canyon page.