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The Home Buyers Scouting Report Frequently Asked Questions 

The Home Buyers Scouting Report 
Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will I receive property listings immediately?

A: Yes. We simply ask that you discuss your comfortable price range for your home search process with the Preferred Loan Officer. We know that if you find a home you like you’ll want to be looking in a price range you feel comfortable with; that’s part of our business in offering high value service to you. No obligation, of course.

Q: Why do you need my phone number?

A: As part of our business model, the Preferred Loan Officer will assist you ahead of time in determining a comfortable price range for your online home search process. We have found the most expedient method of processing enrollments for interested buyers is to contact them by telephone.

Q: Is my personal information safe?

A: Yes. Your personal information is considered private and confidential and will not be sold to third party vendors. Please see our entire Private Policy through the link.

Q: Is the Home Buyers Scouting Report® website secured?

A: Absolutely. HBM II will provide you with a personal login ID and Password that you can change at any time.

Q: Who provides the property listing information displayed on the Report?

A: Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc. (HBM II) provides real estate information directly to home-buyers and sellers as part of its licensed real estate activities.

Q: Will I be charged a fee for using the Home Buyers Scouting Report®?

A: No, the Home Buyers Scouting Report® is a FREE service of Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc. There is no cost to the home buyer or seller for using this service.