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Senior Citizen Center

The St. George senior citizen center offers ammenities and activities. The home page link for the St George senior citizen center also contains links to the Hurricane senior citizen center and Enterprise.

Health Care

St. George is a community rich in resources that emphasize and facilitate a safe, healthy, educated and convenient quality of life. Intermountain Health Care (IHC) located here in St. George, and Utah has been ranked the number one integrated health care system in the nation five of the past six years by Verispan, an independent research firm.  Healthcare is second-to-none, with a beautiful new hospital at the hub of the available medical facilities, along with numerous specialty clinics, rehabilitation and surgery centers.  The list of specialists and service providers continues to grow as word spreads that St. George is an absolutely marvelous place to live. For health and medical information go to our St. George Medical Resource page.


With its low crime rate and excellent city and county government, a feeling of security and peace is one of the strong attractions to this area. Compared to metropolitan areas, St. George has very little crime or gang activity.


Dixie State College is proud to call St. George home. This top-notch four-year college offers an abundance of continuing education opportunities to retirees, including Elderhostel.  In addition, classes are available through Southern Utah University, located in nearby Cedar City.


As St. George and the surrounding communities have grown, the area transportation departments have worked tirelessly to plan and develop the area’s streets and highways. New freeway on-ramps have been added, and others enlarged to handle the additional traffic. Traffic roundabouts have been added to numerous intersections to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic. Inspite of the rapid growth, St. George continues to be easy-to-navigate, and very user-friendly. St. George is slated for an international airport to be built soon. Airline shuttles to Las Vegas airport are so convenient now, that many local families will ride the shuttle rather than being dropped off by loved ones.

Volunteer Opportunities

Many retirees are looking for opportunities to be of service to others. This gives them a sense of contribution and of belonging to something worthwhile. Why not contribute in Utah, where the spirit of volunteerism reigns supreme. According to a survey released in June 2004, by the Points of Light National Volunteer Center Network and researchers at Indiana University (Purdue University in Indianapolis), Utah has the nation’s highest rate of adult volunteers. Opportunities exist in the schools, hospitals, and museums to name a few.

Financial Planning

Planning your retirement is often a safe bet in St. George. The cost of living is not too high and the real estate you move into, will appreciate as the attractiveness of St. George gets out. This is happening. St. George, Utah has been ranked the fastest growing Metropolitan/Micropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in the U.S. between 1990 and 2000, according to a report released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Recently it has also been ranked the fastest from 2000 to 2006, by the same.


In a recent report conducted by the Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division of Memphis, Tennessee, Utah consistently ranked in the top five in many categories for both electricity and gas rates in the industrial sector.