Safety & Crime

Safety to the citizens of St. George is a very serious matter, with over 80 police officers in the city, including bicycle patrol men that help keep the city safe.

The city's crime rate is 2.5 per 1000, well below the national average of 21 per 1000. Not perfect,  yet better than most places. Also, 95 percent of the crimes in St. George are non-violent crimes. The police in St. George have been able to stop most crimes before they happen.


The police department likes to involve the community in helping to make our community more safe and provide a more secure feeling, in contrast to other cities throughout the country.

As part of the activities the police have been involved with, among them are giving out these tips:

Emergency preparedness: In the recent months there have been many fires and flooding in the city and surrounding areas. Fortunately, there has been no looting during these emergencies, such as has been common in many other places. You can always depend on the police to help, along with FEMA's web site for further information.

Automobile protection from theft: TAKE AWAY THE OPPORTUNITY!!! Keep your car locked at all times!  Cars have even been broken into inside a closed garage.  Don't leave personal items in view and put packages in the trunk.  Make it hard for the would-be thief.

Safety Tips for Women: 
A parking lot is the most common place that predators attack women.
1-If a car is parked next to yours and people are in it (especially a van) be wary. Get into your car from the opposite side if there is someone in the car next to your drivers door.
2- Offer phone numbers rather than physically helping individuals requesting help. 
3- Do not sit in the car after shopping to take care of checkbook or eating-you must leave the parking lot right after getting in your car.
4- If you put packages in your car after shopping and then find you need to do more shopping- move your car. Someone watching will think you left and will stop watching you and look for someone else. 
5- Never jog alone!  Take your dog or a friend with you.

What to do if you see a crime: We should all be out to protect each other; that is what helps make St. George safe, but in case you see a crime you should call dispatch at 634-5000. All emergencies should call 911. Try to keep the suspect in sight while on the phone with police, yet never try to apprehend the suspect.

There are several fire stations throughout the city and surrounding areas to protect us in case of fire. Also, the fire department inspects businesses for safety against fire hazards and has emergency medical help as well.