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Tips for Using Our St George MLS

Try these tips for searching off the St George MLS to make your search easier:

  1. Do you want to select multiple criteria? Just hold down the control key while single left clicking various choices. This appears to not be available when selecting Regions.
  2. Do you want homes near the water, like real estate near a reservoir: Try Dixie Springs as a subdivision.  You can also try Retreat at Sand Hallow Resort or Dunes of Sand Hollow Resort.
  3. Do you want homes with a pool? Add that to the criteria.
  4. Do you want only homes that are more rural.  Just select under Region the areas of Hurricane Valley, NW Washington, NE Washington or Zion. All these areas are more rural in nature.
  5. Do you wish to select only those properties only with RV parking? This option appears to be currently unavailable, so I've made it available here: By contacting our office, call Brian.Call Brian for RV Parking Only
  6. Do you wish to target areas with optimal views? These would be Stone Cliffs, Green Springs, all of Snow Canyon areas as well as most of Ivins and Santa Clara. Everything out in Washington Fields tends to have a view as well.
  7. Do you want to target just the new homes?  Then just type in the year built 2017+ or whatever year on up you'd like to target.

St George MLS listings hold within them an arrangement between all realtors, both sellers agents and buyers agents. The listing agent will typically list the home for a 6% commission, with 3% going to the listing side and 3% going to the selling side (or the Buyer's side). The split commission becomes an incentive for agents to help and represent buyers and take them to houses on the MLS. If the listing agent represents the buyer also, he/she gets both commissions, "double-ending" the transaction. Some agents will focus mostly in working with buyers as buyers agents. The listing realtor also has motivation to bring as many of their own buyers to that listing in order to represent both sides of the sale. This Broker 'Co-op'erating arrangement involved helps get things sold, while maintaining societies interest for choices involving representation through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) where we have a concept called Broker Reciprocity. This is how Brian can represent you on any property. 

Property Exchange Process Man, Land and Country - Brian's philosophy of doing business and regarding the property exchange process.