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Condos in St George Utah

So many varieties of Condos, how can you choose?

If you area a vacationer and like to rent out your condo for part of the year, then Sports Village or Las Palmas is the place many an investor/use it for our own vacationer... will go. There are other night and weekly places, but you can just find that selection on our home page menu to find out more there.

If you are looking for a condo to call home, then I would get on listing alerts when you save a search here, it automatically should send you email alerts. But you can always go into your Saved Favorites to see what configuration you have set to come to you. Just click on the little man in the top right hand corner to go into your account.

As the Realtor, thinking for you, if it were me, I would call me, Brian and ask where I would buy a condo/townhouse. Because many of the condo/townhomes are on the other side of Shadow Mountain and I would think carefully about that or know what I was getting into with the less availability of shopping from that side of town.

Remember, a condo and townhome or townhouse, all get used interchangeably around here and there may be or may NOT be self contained yards. The ones that are not self contained will want their maintenance people to be able to come through on their lawn mowers. Most however, I think allow for some containment, because many around here do like their pets also.

Feel free to call or email above any other information you might like to know.