Actually Showing Your Home

If you are presently residing in the home you are selling, there are some things you can do to facilitate the showing of your home. One of the best things you can do to assist your agent in selling your home is to be out of the home at the time he brings potential buyers. The individuals looking at your home will feel much more comfortable opening doors and cabinets, and thoroughly inspecting the home if you are not there. Hopefully, your real estate professional will be able to give you adequate notice, so that you can have the home prepared for showing, and then leave for a specified period of time.

Before the potential buyers arrive, survey your home to see what you can do to improve the appearance. Put away any unnecessary clutter, including clothing, dishes, magazines, newspapers, and projects. This is discussed in more detail in our report entitled “Simplify Your Home.”

One of the first things potential buyers will notice as they enter your home is the odor. There are several things you can do just before your real estate agent arrives with buyers, to make sure your home has a pleasant odor. A gently scented candle can bring a desirable scent, but be sure it is not overpowering, or it will give the impression of trying to “hide” unpleasant odors. Of course, if you are going to be out of the home for quite a while before your agent arrives, it is best to not leave a candle burning. Carpet freshener can do a lot to improve the scent of a home, as can subtle air fresheners.

Before you leave the home prior to the potential buyers’ visit, be sure your home is light and bright. Leave on lamps, and leave curtains open to allow natural sunlight to enter your home. A beautifully-lit home can be very inviting. If your real estate professional is showing the home at night, be sure all exterior lights are left on, both for safety and to showcase your yard. If you have pets, arrange to have them out of the home while it is being shown. If your home has litter boxes, be sure they are clean and fresh.

Fresh flowers are another lovely accent that can add to the appeal of your home. If you have a flower garden, pick a few flowers to adorn your home. If you have time prior to the visit, you can purchase flowers inexpensively at your neighborhood grocer. These can be a lovely addition to a kitchen, dining area or living room.