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Snow Canyon area of St George and Ivins features some of the finest homes in our area, there to take advantage of some of the areas most illustrious views. These views take into the mix the Big Red Mountain, indigenous lava flows, monolithic citadel like red cliff areas, Snow Canyon, and the Cougar Cliff areas skirting below the Ledges. Mostly it has the been the Entrada area that has brought on a style of homes unique to our area with some of the finest pueblo, southwestern and adobe style homes and structures.

Single Family Real Estate Demographics


SF vs CT
98% Single Family, 2% Condo/Townhouse

MLS Solds since 2003: Single Family=982; Condo/Townhouse=22

Price Range SF
Overall: 250K-400K

Sold MLS Single Family Homes 6/2015-6/2017, 2 Year Breakdown: 200K-250K=10;  250K-300K=27; 300K-350K=26; 350K-400K=16; 400K-450K=9

Year Built
Mostly 1995-2015 Year Built Homes

MLS Listed Homes: 1975-1985=10; 1985-1995=25; 1995-2005=586; 2006-2017=533

Predominant 2-3 Bedroom Homes

MLS Solds since 2003: 2 Bedrooms=459; 3 Bedrooms=243; 4 Bedrooms=83; 5 Bedrooms=20; 6 Bedrooms=5

Average Sq Ft
Predominant 1400 to 2600 Square Feet

MLS Solds since 2003: 1000-1400 s.f.=19; 1400-1800 s.f.=222; 1800-2200 s.f.=253; 2200-2600 s.f.=122; 2600-3000 s.f.=93; 3000-3400 s.f.=74; 3400-3800 s.f.=66

Amount of Solds
137 Solds over two years time or an average of 6 homes per month

Two years worth of Snow Canyon Sold MLS Single Family Home Listings 6/2015-6/2017

Street Design  
79% 1 Level Only, 21% 2-3 Levels

MLS Solds since 2003: 1-Level=769; 2-3 Level=200

Known For  

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Snow Canyon, Utah is not a city, but a larger geographical area than a subdivision and is located just west of St George Utah. It is associated also with Snow Canyon State Park, but is more commonly referred to in real estate [Snow Canyon] terms, to the area and drive that skirts the red coral colored cliffs along the way out to Snow Canyon State Park along Snow Canyon State Parkway. Also the areas at the mouth of Snow Canyou State Park.

More settled to the foreground of the area is the city of Ivins. That area has truly taken on some of the most beautiful indigenous like building and exclusive higher end homes. The road along the Snow Canyon Drive (also the name of the road) has been redone to a two lane road each way with landscaped divider, sidewalks and indigenous lava rock walls mixed in to the Kayenta waved stucco walls, makes for a truly park-like feel just driving into the town of Ivins. The mystique of the whole area is held off with views, a few pillar like rock ledges and a red hue that sets it on fire all a glow.

From overhead in the sky you can see these black patches of ground just beneath that canyon. These are the lava flows or lava rock that are an indigenous part of the landscape. Let me show you some Snow Canyon real estate out there, will you?

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