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Just so you know, the Southern Utah MLS is not an integral whole search. MLS is more analogues to county property searches. However, we provide it all. Most all Southern Utah MLS information finds its way either through the Washington County Utah MLS (approx. 60%) or through a national 3rd part provider which we provide through our Southern Utah Real Estate page.

You should know that more than 60% of the population of all 8 Southern Utah counties resides in Washington County. To access all the major populated areas in Washington County Utah for all the ways there are to search go to our Washington County MLS page.

Historical Propert Search Information

All the Property Information - Traditionally, shoppers have not been able to get address information and other important details about the property. This was to induce people to call a realtor for the information, thus ensuring they received protection through representation. The National Association of Realtors has mandated that the information become more public to consumers (buyers and sellers), whereby realtors that are members of the board MLS system (and approved by their Brokers) are able to serve up the MLS listings and pertinent information with it. So, now you have free access.

MLS Broker Reciprocity or Representation

Realize this though, that the current commission structure among realtors is optimized to encourage you to obtain your own representation when buying a home, because it costs you ZERO extra dollars to have your OWN REALTOR to represent YOU.  The listing realtor “splits” his commission with your realtor unless you don’t use your own; either way, it is included in the asking price and you pay the same!!!