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There is about 50 miles of paved bicycle trails around St. George (used by cyclists, roller bladers, joggers, and walkers) plus many more miles of mountain bike trails.  From easy to rugged, these trails all have one thing in common... the beauty of southern utah surrounds them. Below is a list of links to the trails (in and around St. George) along with photos and maps:

View map below for location of trails - map courtesy of utahmountainbiking.com). Visit for information on each of these trails. 

Bear Claw Poppy Trail

Bluff Street Cliffs 

Broken Mesa Rim 

Church Rocks Loop 

City Creek - Rusty Cliffs Trail 

Gooseberry Mesa 

Gooseberry Mesa - White Trail 

Gooseberry Windmill Loop

Gould's Rim Trail 

Hurricane Rim Trail

J.E.M. Trail 

Little Creek Mountain 

Paradise Canyon Loop 

Pioneer Park Trail 

Prospector Trail 

Quarry Trail 

Race Trail at Green Valley 

Red Mountain Trail 

lickrock Swamp Trail 

Snow Canyon Loop 

Snow Canyon West Canyon Trail 

St. George Paved Trails 

Stucki Springs Trail 

Sunshine Loop 

Virgin River Trail 

Warner Valley Loop

Warner Valley Cholla II Loop 

Zion Canyon Drive - Pa'rus Trail