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Condos Homes for Sale in St George Utah

Our St George Condos and Townhouses have wonderful patio lifestyles and are often confused as being the same thing. However often times the Condos are a little harder to land on especially if they have more renters that are being allowed in the area although they have separated the condos and townhouses class division.  Read More

Condo Homes for Sale St George Utah June 17, 2024
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St George Condos for Sale

St George Condos - Las Palmas Resort

You can find all the condos for sale here! We pride ourselves in being your local experts in condo/towhome sales because many of the retirees we serve buy into St George Condos precisely because the yard and grounds are maintained by somebody. The dues are often seen as minimal and affordable here. As far as how the subdivision listed it as separately a condo or townhouse but as far as a real estate search goes it’s always been used synonymously until up to about a year ago. The MLS started separating the condo and townhouse search. It’s important to understand however that if condos and town houses have been considered synonymously there’s not much difference from the get-go. Townhouses might have more of a connotation of a one level with a patio lifestyle either in the back or the front. Where as condos could come to represent places that could possibly have more than one level and without a garage even more risky places like in Las Palmas, where there is not in weekly rentals but you have more of like an apartment I look and feel. However the amenities of a nice resort looking Clubhouse and Pool. But generally speaking a lot of our Condos look like our Townhomes.

The Quick Search form above has only the Condo box checked so that you can search all. Please note that inside our MLS system, that condo/townhomes are lumped together- meaning when you are searching the Condo category it also includes all the Townhomes. Also, townhomes or townhouses are one in the same thing.

Townhome - Hidden Valley

Many of the Condos for sale in St George Utah are fairly maintenance free, meaning without grass. In these cases most of the desert plants are on a drip system with most being maintained by the HOA. Some do have grass and in those cases the HOA fees tend to be a little more to cover the watering and mowing and maintaining of that grass.

Our condo/townhouses are typically found mingling with our many golf courses or found in their own developments as well.

Typically, they will all have HOA dues- some amenities or things that those HOA dues include.  

Our supply of available condo/townhomes for sale are sometimes just as plentiful or more plentiful than our single family homes are, when searching under $200,000.  As such, many more opportunities become available, when you expand your searches in the lower price limits, from single family searches to include the Condo/Townhouses. 

Most our 55+ communities are classified as Condos or Townhomes. A few Planned Unit Developments exist as 55+ but our one main one is a Single Family home development. 

Most of our condo/townhouses, range from $90,000 on up to $250,000 with a few on up to $400,000.  Many comment that our condo/townhome HOA dues are not that exorbitant, with most ranging from $125-$185 a month.  Each fluctuation, up or down, typically corresponds to the types of things that they cover.  Most people who come here, feel that the HOA dues are relatively low compared to other places in the nation.

Most people buy a condo/townhouse precisely because landscape-maintenance is taken care of and it allows them to leave their place much of the year without concerns.  In some places the back lawn is covered, but most do not cover the back, even though they might offer with an extra fee to do the back lawn.  The back yard not being included, does not typically become an issue for those that have no grass back there to take care of.

Most often the difference between a condo and townhome here in St George can be hard to discern.  A condo can be part of an apartment or high rise. It can also be a a cul-de-sac of cottages or anything in between. A condo is typically where you own the space with inside the walls only and typically will come with more shared amenities or things the HOA covers.

A townhome or townhouse will often act as a singular stand alone unit vertically, but often may share a wall and can often be two levels. With a townhome you may often own the exterior of the building including the roof, lawn and driveway, but not communal areas. 

 While it is certainly not always the case, there will be less younger folk found in many of our condo/townhouses as yard care tends to be more the priority of handing that over to the HOA when one advances in years.  This could be said of many of the St George condo/townhomes as well.