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St. George Demographics & Characteristics


St. George Demographics & Characteristics 
Location:  Located in Washington County, Southern Utah, about 3 hours from the rim of the Grand Canyon, and six miles from the Arizona State line.

Elevation:  2,880; with Pine Valley Mountain peaks over 10,000 
Size:   64 sq miles (Washington County) 
Distance to other major cities (per mapquest.com): 
Salt Lake City 303
Las Vegas 118
Los Angeles 387 
Phoenix 406 
Mesquite 38
Getting To St. George, Utah:
Easily accessible by north/south I-15 or east/west I-70
Limited flights into St. George Municipal Airport to Salt Lake City and Los Angeles by Sky West Airlines.
Bus Service 
Weather:  Desert Climate with over 300 days of sunshine; mild winters and hot summers. 
Annual Average Temperature:  January Low 27, July high 102; annual average high is 78; average low is 45.
Annual Average Rainfall:  About 8 inches.

Demographics and Economics

Population:  2005-St. George Population (anchor city): 70,000; Washington County Utah Population: 130,000; over 2 million visitors yearly.
Population Projections:  St. George area projected to be 162,000 by 2010, 600,00 by 2050; the city has about a 6% growth rate.  To see projections of growth, trends, census facts, labor force, rate of change, and ethnic population.
Median Age 2000: 31; one-third is under 19 years old.
Taxes: State Income Tax of 7%; sales tax about 6% and tax considerations for retired people. Second home tax of 1%; primary home ½%, with a formula that looks like the following: primary residence=assessed x 55% X .011316% value. 
Median Household Income:  $36,505 
Principle Industries:   Education, Health Services, Recreation
Higher Education:  Dixie State College

St. George Weather



Month Average High Average Low Precipitation in inches

Days with


Jan. 53°F 27°F 1.1 2.7
Feb. 60°F 31°F 1 2.8
Mar. 68°F 37°F 1 2.5
Apr. 77°F 44°F .48 1.4
May 86°F 52°F .4 1.1
June 96°F 60°F .2 .7
July 102 F 68°F .56 1.9
Aug. 100°F 66°F .68 2
Sept. 93°F 57°F .59 1.8
Oct. 80°F 44°F .62 1.9
Nov. 65°F 33°F .70 1.6
Dec. 54°F 27°F .82 2.4