Write an Offer

Congratulations! You have chosen your favorite from your St George home buying adventure. Let's write up the contract on the kitchen table or head back to the office.

  • You will need what is called Earnest Money. A personal check, cashiers check or cash, typically in the amount of 1% of the purchase price, which is deposited into the brokerage trust account, and credited to your purchase upon successful closing of this transaction.
  • Here is where we get to shine! Writing Contracts and Negotiating Offers. We will thoroughly explain all of the items of the Real Estate Purchase Contract.
  • Your offer is presented, negotiated and upon "complete agreement between the parties in writing about the purpose and terms of the contract" and "communication to the offeror" , the contract becomes binding.
  • If possible it is time to relax. We will now guide you through all the deadlines, responsibilities, inspections, disclosures...... towards a smooth, seamless and successful settlement and closing of your home purchase!
  • Thank you for your confidence in our experienced professional representation!

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