Advantages to Getting Pre-Qualified

  • Pinpoint a price limit that helps you to configure a home search limit on price. Pinpoint your home buying price range and find out what truly meets your needs and budget in a few minutes. In short, it helps you to quit messing around. Read More Down Below This Form

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Your Credit and Income
Other Details

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  • Find out in minutes what you can actually afford. Often people are worried about nothing with regards to having their credit pulled- you can talk about the pros and cons of having your credit pulled if you need. Our recommended lender will not exploit your situation with false information.
  • Get fixed in reality, knowing when you search the listings you are saving yours and others precious time.
  • Don't speculate. It is as if somebody put a blank check in your pocket. Getting prequalified becomes highly empowering! Your options IMMEDIATELY expand inside limits.
  • After pinpointing a price limit above you can get set-up to get New Listing Alerts and Price Reduction notifications. You can get setup in Real Time, or the second the home goes on the market, you get it in your email box. This Real Time alert can ONLY happen when I, a Realtor, set you up on the back end (click on hamburger icon top right to see my phone number), manually on the MLS itself OR just go shopping and save a search (register). This can all save you time in the long-run! 

Getting Pre-Approved - A Step Further

Getting pre-qualified is all you need to put an offer on something. However, a pre-approval goes beyond this and is a little stronger if you want to really be prepared. It includes actually providing some, if not most all, supporting documentation. To obtain St George financing, if not before going under contract, here are some of the basics you will need:

Proof of Income

  • Employed - 2 year tax returns or W-2, 1 month pay stubs 
  • Commissioned -2 year tax return including 1099 or W-2 and pay stubs 
  • Self Employed - Federal tax return, profit and loss statement, 2 years balance sheet
  • Retired - social security awards letter
  • Rental property - copy of lease 
  • Alimony or Child support - copy of Divorce decree 
  • 2 months bank statements 
  • Driver's license 
  • Social security card 
  • Home Owners insurance information
  • Bankruptcy information 
  • Proof of Earnest money check 

In using your lender or in using one of our preferred lenders, they will:

  • Verify your information meeting the criteria for the loan
  • Prepare all the required documents and verifications 
  • Submit your package with the appraisal to the underwriters (who re-verify and give approval to release funds for this transaction) 
  • Handle last minute conditions from the underwriters 
  • Once all conditions have been met, the loan is released from Final Underwriting and the lender is committed to funding the loan 
  • We work hand in hand with your lender ensuring than all of the loan details are handled and remedied

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