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Market Analysis - Your Homes Value


Selling your home takes a lot of energy, insite, information, and expertise. Leaving it in the hands of a professional is often the best way to go. The National Association of Realtors has recently reported that the average selling price of a For Sale By Owner house is 13% lower than a Realtor sold home. Can you afford to risk that percentage difference, especially when the Realtor takes care of everything, including possibly keeping you out of legal troubles. To most people it is a no brainer. Think of it this way the retail market will bear retail prices. Is that not what you want for your home? If you do the math 13% - 6% commissions leaves you selling your home at a plus 7% higher, than you would on your own.

You may just be at the stage of wanting to know what your house will sell for. Whether your looking to sell right now or just starting to perpare in that direction, we would like to initate our helping you by giving you an over the computer free market analysis. To recieve yours from the best listing realtor in town fill out the form below: