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St George Real Estate Market Influences

Some St George market influences are: milder weather, location in the mid-west, national park like setting, tourism, culture, low-crime rate, golfing or other recreational activities, scenery, retirement and second home destination, commercial industry, employment and the people.

What are the factors that have gone into our current real estate values having fluctuated so much?

First, let me say that a typical home sellers St George home value has been influenced possibly by investing mentality, unrest (easily changing employment) or artificial demand with home buyers and perhaps a slump-y local economy facilitating job creation or additions. This can help turn home buyers into investors, possibly looking to move more often to get a return by "flipping" their home.  One would hope that the flow of human resources of skilled labor is not too influenced by "this" ulterior method for "making" money.  We have all learned that it is artificial to be making too much money off our homes, but only as they relate to our place and conveniences for living and working.

Location, Location, Location- St George Utah

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