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These newest listings come straight off the St George MLS. It is the actual source that all other internet sources get and update their listings from. As such, when the MLS listings are populated on this site. For more earnest buyers, this can become a powerful tool in which to beat other buyers to listings. Below, you will find All MLS Listings that are the Newest listings within 3 days old. Read on Below to Understand How to Turn Over Every Stone for All Available Homes for Sale

MLS - Newest 3 Days On the Market Listings May 29, 2024
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31 Properties

MLS Search VS. Other Internet/National Search Sites 

Other main searches on the internet get the homes from two originating congregating sources- one, the real estate brokerages themselves OR two, the MLS itself. Most do not realize that in Washington county, while all brokerages submit their residential listings to the MLS, it is possible that a smaller one or two (or more) brokerages could hold off submitting them to the national search sites.  Therefore, it is feasible that you could find 1-5% more homes on this site, the MLS source for listings.  "Almost all" the local brokerages submit their listings to the National sites, like Zillow; but what if they all don't? Granted, there would be very few, because the pressure is high from sellers to have their homes submitted there. However, sellers can ALSO not be aware that some small brokerages, out of spite for the national companies coming in locally to "steal" the Realtors commissions on the buy-side (charging local Realtors 1/4 of their normal commissions)- as a result, could hold off submission to the national sites WHILE submitting them to the MLS. You WOULD find those listings here however. Make no mistake the MLS has been the traditional originating source for ALL Realtors and real estate brokerages listings. In other areas, the national sites are able to just pull all of them from that one source.  But NOT HERE in Washington County Utah!

FSBO's & Old Outdated Listings & Notice of Defaults mark the National Search Sites as to Why they SEEM to Have More Listings 

FSBO's (For Sale by Owners) and old outdated listings and Notice of Defaults mark the national search sites as to why they SEEM to have more listings, when in fact, that is all they have over the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), that is run by the Washington County Board of Realtors, or local Realtors and brokers. 


For Sale by Owner listings are those where the owner themselves will market their own property.  Most of these will post their listings directly to Zillow and Trulia and other sites like KSL.com classifieds and sometimes Craigslist.  Most often they will all be on Zillow however.  FSBO listings can sometimes be characterized by sellers who are often trying to get a higher price. Some over-price their listing 'even' above those receiving commissions on the MLS. You would think that would not be the case though.  However, there will be a few that actually ARE making it work, where they are listing their homes and being slightly more competitive than the MLS, thereby saving people some Realtor commissions. Perhaps they often fear leaving something on the table though, and may often be unable to rely on sold data from the MLS. Fear of legal challenges could plague sellers going it alone without representation. However, some are able to find access to the same contracts that provide some measure of protection. Realtors do not have legal training, but they do have training in how to use the contracts and standard language provided by state-paid attorneys at work, that have been levied by state law to protect buyers and sellers. The Utah State Division of Real Estate, along with brokers, requires Realtors to update their education and training, enough to take on a fair share of liability.

Outdated Listings

Nothing new here, most home search shoppers on the internet come across listings all the time on national search sites, only to realize, after looking at all the pictures, that down in the small print or somewhere on the page it finally tells you that you've been looking at a SOLD listing already. Frustrating as it can be, it happens all the time. Also, Realtors are asked all the time to line up showings with some few of them being non-valid listings that either were sold a long time ago OR that have been recently.  The recently sold ones can sometimes have a listing Realtor, sometimes it can see to be the ones paying Zillow/Trulia the most money, begetting "mileage" off listings they "inadvertently" have "forgotten" to take down as Pending or Sold now.  The "mileage"?  They are getting buyer interested calls and winning the buyers to take and show and sell them "other" valid listings- there is a lot of money in that. By the way, many Realtors know of big names in the business who are mostly listing agents, but who also seem to have the best reviews on Zillow. It is because they understand how to conquer the territory AND they know that Zillow/Trulia was and is the next big thing, so they put to it the task of securing this foreground and NOT because their heart has necessarily been with the buyer and their interests. It appears to be all about the money and Zillow feeds the hands that are feeding them, but ultimately not where the value of buyer service is the genuine first claim to that business.

Notice of Defaults

Now back when the market had over half our listings be Bank Foreclosures (REO Bank - Real Estate Owned), there was a precedent set by both title companies and perhaps the National sites like Zillow to see who could show more listings by putting on there, people who, by public record, it could be known were in default of paying their mortgage. These are called Notice of Defaults. You do understand however, that these are people that might have just missed a payment AND homes that HAVE NOT advertised that they are selling. But they've been pulled as a matter of public record. It represents a pocket of homes that of course happen to have a higher percentage of owners who MAY be in actual default towards selling the home short (Short Sale) of giving it back to the bank as a Bank Foreclosure. In the latter case, not "selling it short", the people are declaring an inability to pay their debt to the bank, such that the bank has to force it to go to auction on the county court steps, where the highest bidder is themselves, the bank, as they have most all the money invested [into the home]. They then turn it around, after stripping all the other smaller stakeholders off ownership/title, to sell it AS a foreclosure. Well, those days are gone really. We are lucky to have a couple foreclosures ongoing, out of the thousands of listings on the market. BUT it is just one more way "supposedly" that national syndicate sites like Zillow/Trulia can show they have more listings, when in fact, you will never see an opportunity by it, whatsoever, in the grand scheme of things or the "odds are" it being an unavailable distraction and HUGE time-waster for you.

To Conclude - There are No More Listings the National Search Sites offer besides FSBO's

To wrap this up, there are no other stones to turn, to find you more listings, other than the For Sale By Owners (FSBO's). So, find all the listings here, given to you in the fastest manner off the MLS. Save your search or register to get your new listing alerts now.

We recommend you get set up on New Hot Listing Alerts of new homes that come on the market. If you ever ran a search and signed up to see more, a search was very likely already saved from which new listing alerts will automatically come to the email you provided when you signed up. You can also have us manually put you on them.

MLS Regional Area Searches, Like "Greater St George" or "Hurricane Valley" Not Available Elsewhere

However, local MLS regional search areas have been devised such that national sites do not regularly acknowledge them. That is why for the local MLS REGIONAL AREA SEARCHES, like "Greater St George" or "Hurricane Valley" you'll only find here- locally off the MLS itself (see search menu above entitled "MLSArea")You can also type in the name of the "greater" MLS search area here and you can't on the other national search sites. As a result, many people do not come to realize all the homes that are searchable "like on this site". 

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