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In selling St George Real Estate I often find people just wanting to get a feel for what their home is worth. We know it can just be a first step to examining options only and not a rush in to list your home. 

Just call me. I can give you a 'hip-shot' analysis that does not take hardly any time. Or I can give you a full home value analysis. Or if you want, fill out the form in our sidebar to the right and we will do the rest:

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Why Sellers Choose Us - Sell My Home, St George Utah- Our Marketing Plan

This is the Short Version below- for the longer version go to St George Utah Realtor

  1. SOME WEBSITES EXIST - OTHERS GET SEEEN >>>> Over 1500 people a month come to our site- we see this as quite significant for you. SO, we put you up front - here on our St George Utah Real Estate home page.
  2. I'm responsible to the calls that do come in and respond to your listing by, one, being there, and two, following-up
  3. Being tech savvy we make sure it gets syndicated to the 100's of websites on the internet. 
  4. A professional virtual tour is automatically syndicated to all these sites as well as onto our website.
  5. Our Marketing Plan includes professional photography as this one thing has proven to put thousands of more dollars into your pocket.
  6. Our Marketing Plan includes a Free Recorded Information Hotline connected with the real estate sign, giving us the cutting advantage into interested prospects on your home.
  7. We contact you on an ongoing weekly basis to report on the sale of your home. Where else do you get his level of service. Most sellers lament that they listed it and never heard from their agent again. Not with us, you get a weekly update with a report of how we have followed up with showings. You are also in a much better position... just if this is even needed, to adjust your asking price based off all this due diligence and feedback, or NOT. We allow you to sit back while we do all the work! THIS is what you pay for!
  8. I have lots of happy sellers with testimonials

You also will get:

  • Get expert knowledge for pricing it right on the St George Real Estate Market. 
  • Great contract negotiation skills, making sure each buyer is pre-qualifed before we/you sign a contract with them. 
  • Clear communication and attention to details. 
  • I Have a reservoir of my own buyers I'm working with AND it has/does make a difference if your agent is specifically engaged on the level of working your listing. 

See Our In-Depth Marketing & Listing Plan of Action for more details!

St George Home Value

St George Real Estate has appreciated, then depreciated. We have reached our bottom and values are appreciating once again and in a great sellers market where inventory levels are low, making your listing more attractive to the buyers. Selling your home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. How long will it take to sell? How much is it REALLY worth? How do you handle buyers making low offers?

We have a proven track record with years of success serving many sellers here in all of Washington county! Call now to find out the value of your home today!Call today to find out the value of your home!