Marketing & Listing Plan of Action

Your St George Utah Realtor 

St George Utah Realtor marketing your home.My Objectives

  1. To expose your property to as many qualified buyers as possible until it is SOLD with the key difference between me and every other agent in town being the amount of extra exposure I can add with increased viewings online of your home, taking place right on the home page of
  2. To communicate the results of our activities.
  3. To assist you in obtaining the highest possible dollar value for your property.
  4. To constantly look for the best possible method of exposing your property to potential buyers.
  5. To have a smooth transaction and escrow.

My Plan for Marketing and Selling Your Property

What Sets Me Apart - What I Do that Most Do Not 

  1. ***(We can relatively and confidently state that we are most likely the most trafficked website pertaining to specific real estate related searches made by buyers. The two largest portal or pipelines that dwarf any other search terms are "St George Real Estate" and "St George Utah Real Estate". We rank number one and number two respectively for these main, key search terms on Google, by far the major player. Besides, all the other smaller pipleline search terms, we rank well for as well. For all the search terms, across all the search engines... taken as aggragate of search terms related specifically to real estate, most likely outdoes any other website by double the number of high rankings on the search engines.) Place your home on the main target area where buyers first land on the home page, where we are giving you better than news paper exposure, better than Craigslist exposure, precisely because of the volume of buyers specifically coming to my site to look at homes. This will ensure your property gets extra exposure and attention unparalleled in the industry.
  2. ***Creatively feature a slide show and virtual tour of your listing on my website and inside the MLS listing, to be exposed to over 1500 people a month.
  3. Spend time with you to understand and determine your needs and objectives in selling your property.
  4. Discuss the current market conditions and marketing strategies to obtain the highest price for your property, in a realistic time period. 
  5. Complete with you, all of the paperwork, picture taking and crafty wording and marketing, required to list your property.
  6. Have a professional photographer out to make sure you are getting the thousands of dollars extra that this gives you out in a sale.
  7. Submit your property to the Multiple Listing Service.
  8. Add exposure through a professional sign and lock box. All things being equal, it is the sign in the yard and the MLS that sell your home. BUT how you feature it on the MLS AND how you CAPITALIZE the traffic on your sign ARE THE TWO areas we excel at as well as providing ADDITIONAL exposure through our website.  OK, then, our signs have a free information hotline they can call in to get any information on the property they see fit. Our sign immediately captures their cell phone number and we use this technology to immediately call them WHILE STILL AT THE PROPERTY!  This is huge,because, here today gone tomorrow. You snooze, you lose. In other words, your agent should be talking to this individual right there and then, should they not???! We do this for you, we are that cut above the rest real estate team, here to sell your home. How many extra showings can you get?  Many, if you use us!
  9. ***Develop a professionally made email flyer highlighting the features and benefits of your property to be sent to hundreds of real estate agents who have buyers looking.
  10. ***Re-send on occasion that flyer to our sales agents for their buyers, for instance, when there is price reductions, in order to create extra 'heat' or anticipation on the home, heightening offers on the home.
  11. ***Syndicate your listing out to 100's of websites on the internet.
  12. ***Follow-up with agents who have shown your propertyReturn calls to all previous showings to encourage increased interest or to follow-up with interested parties.
  13. Communicate feedback from other agents who have shown the home.
  14. ***Visit and update with you our selling strategies on the home in lieu of feedback we get on the home from showings.
  15. Constantly update you as to any changes in the real estate market and their effects on the sale of your property.
  16. Inform cooperating brokers of any changes that may occur in the pricing and marketing of your property.
  17. Update changes of your property on my website, to include posted notice of Price Changes.
  18. Pre-qualify prospective buyers when possible and inform agents of various methods of financing buyer may want to use.
  19. ***Be reliability available by phone regarding calls from other agents, being able to get a hold of us to help coordinate showings, get information on the home, process paperwork, and maintain consistent communication.
  20. Answer any questions you may have regarding the escrow process.
  21. Coordinate the timely flow of necessary paperwork, addendum’s, and deadlines: lead based paint addendum, loan application and fee deadline, seller disclosure deadline, evaluations and inspections deadline, title company commitment, appraisal deadline, home warranty, etc.
  22. Assist you in negotiating the buyer’s physical inspection.
  23. Provide you with referrals for plumbers, electricians, roofers, or other specialists that may be needed for work requested as a result of the physical inspection.
  24. If needed, provide the appraiser with comparable sales of similar properties in your neighborhood.
  25. Keep you informed of the buyer's progress in qualifying for a loan and any other escrow contingencies.
  26. If desired, assist you in relocating to another area.
  27. Assist you in coordinating the transfer of utilities and keys at the close of escrow.

When you are ready to have your home professionally represented and successfully marketed, give Brian a call- your St George Utah Realtor, serving all of Washington county.