This is the ultimate guide for St George utilities, Washington City Utilities, Santa Clara Utilities, and Ivins Utilities- basically for the Greater St George area!  It is created, and updated in 2019, for whom ever needs it, but for all of my clients closing on their dream home or looking to sell their home. To compare power rates across the Greater St George cities click here

St George Utilities

It is important that you can find all the utility services you need for the St George area. We provide lots of helpful info and links for many unanswered questions. Water, Sewer and Garbage cover both St George and Dixie Power areas. 

St George Utah City Hall

You can also go in personally to City Hall, 175 N 200 E, St. George, UT 8477 for probable faster service, to get things moving 'into' or 'out' of your name. St George City Electric does not cover areas that are generally south or east of the Virgin river- that would normally be Dixie Power, see specific areas listed below for Dixie Power coverage area.

  • St George Utilities Contact line: 435-627-4270 (Water, Sewer, Garbage & Power (Unless your on Dixie Power- see map below).
  • Main Utilities Page link for the St George area.
  • Application for St George Utility Services Online here: covers electricity for St George, but not Dixie Power area (below heading), but covers Water, Sewer & Garbage for both areas.
  • Selling? Request Utility Disconnect online.
  • Auto pay instructions here.
  • Curbside recycling here.
  • Residential Energy 2019| Charge $15.65 per meter per month / Energy Charge 0-800 kWh: $0.075053 per kWh. See also: Updated Utility Rates
  • Residential 2019| Garbage Rate: $11.85 / Sewer Rate: $15.50 / Recycling Fee:  $3.12 / Storm Drainage Fee: $4.50 / Water Conservancy District Surcharge Fee: $1.75 / Flood Control Authority Fee: $1.50 / Updates Rates here.

*** For Gas, Internet & TV see down at the bottom under Other Utility Services

Dixie Power Utilities & Residential Coverage Area

Dixie Power Coverage Area in St George Utah &  Washington Utah

How do you know if your home is located in the Dixie Power coverage area? 

  • Fill-In-Address here to see if you are in the Dixie Power Coverage Area for sure!
  • Dixie Power Contact Line: 435-673-3297
  • Generally speaking, if you live south and east of the Virgin River in St George Utah, so in Washington Fields, Stone Cliffs, Little Valley, Bloomington Hills, Bloomington, you are not in the area covered by St George Municipal Power, but are IN the Dixie Power coverage area.
  • Online New Customer Sign Up form- Once you know you're in their service area. 
  • Residential Energy 2019| Service Charge $25 per month / Energy Charge .060 per kWh.  Updated Rates Schedule here.

Santa Clara Utilities

Santa Clara can be tricky to find if your located in its utilities boundaries. We suggest you access their maps Utility Viewer and it will make you warrant not holing anyone responsible for the accuracy of their data, but generally speaking you can find if your in these boundaries below.

  • Santa Clara Utilities contact line:  435-673-6712 (Water, Sewer, Garbage & Power)
  • First to see where your home is located: Address Locator
  • Second, to see the approximate boundaries, if you fall within them, see their Utility Viewer.
  • Application process appears to be manual only: Apply for Services here.
  • Residential 2019 power rates: Base Rate $20 / 0-500 kWh .0874
  • Other 2019 Rates:  Water Base Rate 0-5000 Gallons $32 / Sewer Rate $21.52 / Trash $12.10 / BluCan $3.12 / Storm Water $13.85 / Regional Water Surcharge $1.75 / Street Maintenance $3.00 / Utility Deposit $200.00 / Administrative Fee $50.00

*** For Gas, Internet & TV see down at the bottom under Other Utility Services

Washington City UtilitiesArea

Washington Utah utility service provides water and power and encompasses the area north of Virgin River.

*** For Gas, Internet & TV see down at the bottom under Other Utility Services

Ivins Utilities

Ivins utilities consists of water and they have power being provided by Rock Mountain Power and Natural Gas by Dominion Energy.

*** For Gas, Internet & TV see down at the bottom under Other Utility Services


Other Utility Services

Gas - Servicing Washington County or St George, Washington, Santa Clara & Ivins

Dominion Energy -- 800-323-5517 (Formerly Questar Gas)

Internet & TV - Servicing Washington County or St George, Washington, Santa Clara & Ivins

Helpful Resource:  Best Internet Providers for St George Utah Area
TDS ------------- 888-225-5837, Internet, TV, Landlines (Commercial 844-322-8832)
Century Link --- 435-215-7144, Internet, TV, Landlines
AWI ------------- 435-674-0320, Internet, Digital Phone Solutions
Go Fiber -------- 435-767-9053, Commercial Internet Only, like for HOA's, Apartments, Planned Unit Developments
Dish ------------- 844-485-4554
Direct TV ------- 800-375-0384
So. Utah TV & Satelite - 435-673-6313

Garbage Collection

Arrowhead Waste Services / (435) 674-0989
Blue Sky Recycling / 31 N. 700 East #232, St. George / (435) 673-1400
Dixie Metal Recycling, LLC / 46 N. 900 East, St. George / (435) 628-4982
On-Site Express Shredding / (435) 627-9466
Public Utilities Administration (Services entire St. George area) / (435) 674-4270
Red Rock Waste Services (Services entire Washington County) / (435) 628-2821
Rocky Mountain Recycling / 838 N. 1080 East, St. George / 435) 628-1585

Other Miscellaneous Helpful Numbers

Washington County Water Conservancy District --- 435-673-3617
Washington County --- 435-634-5700
DMV --- 800-368-8824

Other Cities: Utility Information- Possibly Outdated

* No phone numbers here or anywhere on this website are deemed reliable and are not suited for emergency purpose uses- always consult the appropriate resource professionals in their respective fields of expertise.

Helpful Resource: Best Internet Providers in St George Utah

Water / Sewers
Enterprise (435) 878-2221
City Power (435) 878-2221
Hurricane (435) 635-2811
Dixie Escalante Electric (435) 673-3297
La Verkin
LaVerkin (435) 635-2581 Utah Power (888) 221-7070
Domestic Assn. (435) 879-2447
Utah Power (888) 221-7070
Rockville Pipeline (435) 772-3434
Utah Power (888) 221-7070
Springdale Springdale (435) 772-3434 Utah Power (888) 221-7070
Virgin Virgin (435) 685-4695 Utah Power (888) 221-7070

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