Critics ARE Critical


Michael McLean's production Ark was performed on Broadway with an ongoing 90% general populas approval rating. But it was shut down and cut short by critics. This is one example of how critics sometimes do not reflect direct reality contact with productions that possess value from a more peculiar culture level.

The production called Ark by Michael McLean was widely accepted on Broadway by the viewing populas at large while the critics made a mockery of it. That production was home grown out of Utah by one of Utah's top appreciated artists. Locals hailed and applauded the production that Michael spent 20 years on in getting it just right for Broadway.  Well, the people in New York (90% approval rating) loved it, but it was shut down by the critics, which literally devastated one of Utah's local hero's who had spent so much time creating a literal work of art that was not fully appreciated as the audience would have called for it.