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Utah Retirement

Utah retirement is a popular search term.  Considered one of the nation's finest retirement area regions, retirement communities are a strong part of our state. Much of the state provides an ideal climate and environment for the promotion of good health, which is a major benefit. Multiple fitness centers, walking trails, and numerous outdoor activities all invite the enjoyment of physical activity.  Health foods are available at specialty stores as well as numerous supermarkets.

Utah Retirement System- This website is geared toward helping retirees within Utah.

Health Care

Intermountain Health Care (IHC) is a nonprofit organization based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. IHC is a leading provider of medical services to those in need. It was selected as the top integrated health care system in the U.S., based on a national study by the SMG Group in 2002. IHC provided $41 million in charity care in more than 123,000 cases during 2002. Verispan, an independent research company which rates health care, has ranked IHC the number one health care system in the nation four of the past five years.

Utah Retirement Communities

When we think of retirement communities up in the northern part of the state, instantly Park City and Heber comes to mind.  This is our limited knowledge.  We would rather turn you on to a couple of good options that will avail you to Southern Utah Retirement Communities.