Visible Listing Tools 

Your listing agent will do numerous things to facilitate the sale of your home. Many of these procedures will be “behind the scenes”, but some sales tools will be visible for both you and the potential buyers.

The most obvious of these will be the “For Sale” sign, which the agent will place in your yard in a highly visible area. The sign should be attractive, sturdy, and well-placed. In addition to identifying the agent and the agent’s company, there will be telephone number(s) on the sign, indicating who should be contacted. The lettering on the sign should be highly visible, even at night. Determine from your listing agent who will actually be answering the numbers posted. Ideally, you want any potential buyers to reach an individual, and not just a recording.

Another visible tool used by many listing agents is a brochure box attached to, or placed near the “For Sale” sign. The box will contain a number of attractive flyers or brochures, highlighting the wonderful features of your home. In addition to a list of details, the brochure or flyer should contain an attractive photo or photos of your home. Your agent should be certain the box remains well stocked with brochures. If you notice the box has become empty, contact your agent immediately, so the brochure box can be restocked. It is very frustrating for a potential buyer to drive by your home, only to find the box empty of any information.

Your listing contract should indicate whether you authorize a lockbox to be placed on your front door. A lockbox is a secure place containing a key to your home. Only authorized real estate professionals will have the key or combination necessary to open the lockbox. Even if you are still residing in the home, a lockbox is an excellent marketing tool, enabling your agent to show your home, even when you are away at work or out-of-town. Of course, the agent should always call you in advance prior to bringing potential buyers to your home. In the event you are not at home, the agent is then able to bring the buyers in to tour your home at their earliest convenience.