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To summarize:  There are about 4 venues or ways of searching.

  1. The first way is by way of the Home Buyer Scouting Report (HBSR), offered on our St George Utah Real Estate home page, which automatically sends you updates or new listings that come out AND price or other changes.  It has the most bells and whistles, including some satelite imagery, some overlaying of solds, restaurant locations, schools, libraries, etc. You select these options under "Mapping" if you like.  It gives you notice of changes to a listing, which most systems will not. It really puts you in the "drivers seat" and once you've driven your new "Lexus" we think you will never go back to anything else.
  2. Another way is off internet shopping solutions that get served up either in direct connection in company with the MLS (which gives more current listing information) or from a third party provider (which usually wants to manipulate or serve up more ways to search). The console solution offered on the home page of this site is a hybrid to offer both advantages. As a result it has a lots more friendly search console for flexibility in shopping different specified areas whether general, like MLS Areas, or specific, like city (I've spliced out cities that don't apply or render any results like cities up in northern Utah) or exclusively with us- separated-out neighborhoods. Believe me, for foreigners to the area it can be very confusing to shop off any other website. More ways to search are also available (that all the rules will allow) under our Advanced Search (you may want to scroll down to see them). On our home page you will see both #1 and #2 shopping systems offered (so as I'm not confusing you OK).
  3. A third way IS in getting things special tailored with additional formatting by special request off the backend of the MLS from me, your realtor with such listings be sent to you manually by email.  You can lazer precision your search by all kinds of different criteria or stipulations. Another nice thing here, would be that you can get an extra column or two that gives additional information, like the Price per Square Foot column that helps you compare or generalize value. (With the Price per Square Foot column, now you are getting into more how a realtor might generalize or determine if something is a good value; sometimes the features and ammenities the home offers, needs to get added or subtracted from the base line value assessment, which usually proceeds off of the Price per SF that is being asked).  Also, this option allows some flexibility in sorting or ordering columns containing the listings information sent to you be email. You can sort by Price, Price per Square Foot, or Days on the Market for a few examples.
  4. The fourth way is a subset of these other options and that is, once a certain buying criteria is established and 'ordered' or "saved", then you can get automated email updates on new listings that come onto the market sent to you.  When you shop off the HBSR, this is automatically included.  When you shop off the internet, it is most often not included and you have to get the realtor manually to sign you up on them (on the back end) and [to make adjustments to criteria that you use] for configuring what updates get sent.

We hope this has been quite informative because it is what I would want to know and the basis for winning your trust for a better shopping experience here on SoUtah.com!!!. Go sign up now for the Home Buying Scouting Report and let's all save some time and harrassment from other realtors all over the web.