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Washington County Utah

Washington County is located in the western part of Southern Utah and is the fastest growing county in the state of Utah (per capita). It's county seat or chief anchor city is St George. More than 60% of the population of all 8 Southern Utah counties resides in Washington County. So, the bulk of Southern Utah relocation migration is to the Washington County Utah real estate area.

Washington County consists of its anchor city, St. George, and its area cities. Most communities are within 20 miles of the anchor city. Cities covered within Washington County are Enterprise, Hildale, Hurricane, Ivins, LaVerkin, Leeds, New Harmony, Pine Valley, Rockville, Santa Clara, Springdale, St. George, Toquerville, Virgin and Washington.

Washington County Utah

Washington county Utah has a draw that is peculiar to Southern Utah. The region is lined with red rock cliffs, bluffs, mesa's, mountains and desert. There are also a few resevoires. St. George is a beautiful draw to people because of the scenery in every direction. Pine Valley Mountain is to the north, Hurricane Valley sand dunes are to the west, the mountains or hills of Arizona are to the south, and the Zion National Park is to the east.Zion National Park - Bus Touring System

You cannot look in any direction without a new photo-worthy view. People come to Washington county while visiting many of the parks in the area and love what they experience; the warm winters and the vast array of activities/services in and around the area.

Four major areas make up Washington county.  We tell about each of these below.

Greater St. George

St George - One of the Fastest Growing Cities in America

St. George is the nation's second-fastest-growing metropolitan area, according to theSt George- Old Court House  Census Bureau. St. George has about 75,000 people as the anchor city of Washington county whose population is about 135,000. There are many historic buildings within the city limits of St George. The center piece of the anchor city is the LDS temple. At night it can be seen from the higher sections of the city; it's alabaster walls glow with the lighting that surrounds the grounds. A major reconstruction project is scheduled to restore the down town as a historic district. We have more information about this city on St. George Utah.

Ivins Utah- Beautiful Red Mountain

Ivins, Utah

The neighboring community of Ivins is nestled around an incredible red mountain, very similar to the famous Ayers Rock found in Australia. The visual delights of the area are metaphorically like having chocolate syrup dripped over a rich, chocolate brownie and having it be, somehow, even more delicious than expected.  Your soul comes out "glowing".

Hurricane Valley and Northeast Washington County Utah

The largest growing area outside Saint George is to the northeast in the area called Hurricane Valley, which includes Hurricane, LaVerkin, Toquerville, and Apple Valley. The community of Hurricane is located 17 miles N.E., off the main I-15 freeway, on your way to Zion National Park. Coming in off of the desert into rolling hill and bluff, Hurricane Valley is a further progression of red cliff and bluff with a greater variety of terrain and color. This is what gives it some of its charm.

You have the desert to the south, Pine Valley Mountain to the west of Hurricane, mountain and valley to the North, and rock cliffs to the east. Hurricane and La Verkin, not only have views of Pine Valley Mountain, but of the valley, bluff, hill and rock. If you continue eastward, it works its way into the towering rock cliffs of Zion  National Park.

Northwest Washington County Utah

The next most notable areas are located Northwest, to include Winchester Hills, Diamond Valley, Dammeron Valley, Veyo, Central, Pine Valley and Enterprise. The elevation is higher up on this northwest side and features probably the most scenic commute into the valley. Ivins, which sits 4 miles west, has close northward rock features at the base of Snow Canyon State Park. Snow canyon heads steeper northward into what is the northwest gradual slope out of the anchor city into the foothills and bluffs below Pine Valley Mountain.

Snow Canyon State Park is a more solid canyon mass of pretty, red and white rock. The communities that are located higher up on this northwest side have temperatures that are about 4-10 degrees cooler in the summer and winter. If it snows, it may decide to stick around longer than a day, while in the canyon or lower elevations it usually does not.

Southern Washington County Utah

Areas that are growing south include the community suburbs of Sun River and Little Valley. The Utah/Nevada border is south of these areas about 4 miles. Sun River is a full fledged retirement community that features its own recreation center and is built on a golf course. Little Valley will feature a new international airport projected to come on line in 5 to 10 years. It’s main purpose will be to carry greater amount of passengers in slightly larger jets, than what the current airport allows.

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Washington County Utah

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