The Exterior of Your Home

As you prepare to sell your home, walk across the street and look at your home. As someone drives by your house, what will they see as a first impression? Will they want to see more, or will they want to keep on driving?

Look at the exterior of your house itself. Does the trim need painting? Are the drains and rain spouts in good order? If there is siding, is it in good repair? How does the roof appear? If there is a porch, is it clean and well-painted? What is your first impression, as you stand back and look at your house?

Keeping clutter out of the yard is one of the most important things you can do. Bicycles, wagons, skateboards and other children’s toys should be kept out of sight. Garbage containers should be kept in the back yard or in the garage. Lawnmowers and other yard implements should be neatly stored.

How does your landscaping compare with other yards in the neighborhood? If yours appears sparse, planting a few mature flowers and shrubs can make quite a difference. The lawn should be neatly mowed and trimmed, and any weeds removed from flower beds. If necessary, re-sod areas of your lawn that are brown and can’t be salvaged. Keep leaves and grass cuttings raked and cleared away.

Make the entryway to your home pleasant and inviting. If you have a plaque proudly displaying your family name, take it down and store it away for your next home. Purchase an attractive, new doormat. Keep the area clean and free of clutter. Your front entry is the portal to your home, and should invite the potential buyers for further exploration of your house.

Your back yard should be as appealing as your front yard. Keep it mowed and free of clutter. If you have a pool and/or spa, they should be kept sparkling clean. This may be a good time to remove swing sets and other things that make your yard look smaller. You want to give the impression of a spacious, inviting patio and back yard. If you have a fence or wall, be sure it is clean and in good repair. Remove any weeds from the garden, flower beds and around the perimeter of the yard. Make your back yard as clean and inviting as possible.